Private Investigator Job Search Tips

Private investigator job searches, aren't quite what you’d expect, based on the media image of the job. Typical private investigator jobs are in the insurance field. Sherlock Holmes-type jobs, or the legendary “private eyes” of TV shows, aren’t even mentioned.

Private Investigator Job Search Online

The good news is that “investigator” as a search term will turn up plenty of jobs. There are many different roles in which a trained investigator with the right qualifications and experience in related fields can find jobs. These areas include:

  • Insurance
  • Financial fraud
  • Business fraud
  • Video surveillance
  • Criminal justice

By far the biggest number of private investigator job ads is in insurance. That can be good or bad, depending on your career intentions. There are a lot of the basic insurance private investigation jobs, dealing with various types of insurance. The problem is that these jobs have a generic element. The jobs are basic private investigator jobs. They’re also usually not senior jobs in specialist fields.

a job search for private investigator jobs is assisted by checking specialist job sites like, which has a broad range of law enforcement roles. The specialist site approach is much better targeted in terms of senior private investigator jobs and specialist roles.

Private Investigator Job Issues

The major consideration in online private investigator job search is job quality. The basic private investigator jobs in insurance have a reasonably high turnover, and varied functions. The baseline jobs are excellent training, but experienced people are naturally looking to move up into higher roles.

There are other issues, too. The types of work involved, like covert surveillance and video surveillance, aren’t necessarily jobs for everyone. Many private investigator jobs include extensive travel, another major commitment.

Salary levels also vary considerably. Some US jobs have comparatively low wages, which in the jobs with extensive travel requirements or surveillance, isn’t much of an incentive for the amount of work involved.

Checking Out Private Investigator Jobs

It’s worth checking the suitable jobs you find online. Good quality private investigator jobs have basic characteristics including:

  • Clear organizational promotional opportunities
  • Career progression options
  • Clear structural relationships in the organization
  • Relate to other professional qualifications in career terms

There are good investigative jobs to be found. The more advanced positions are basically corporate level investigations, involving special roles in business and in some cases government jobs. Many people employed as private investigators have a background in law enforcement, and this background is a good indicator of the quality of the work.

There are also some private investigator jobs to be avoided. The role of the real life private investigator does not include:

  • Illegal actions
  • Invasion of privacy
  • TV type “PI” theatricals
  • Misuse of weapons

Any job ad of this kind is more of a risk than a job. If you want a career in the private investigation field, check out the professional associations, the forums, and get career advice from experts. This type of networking is also a good way to find reputable employers and good career paths.