Production Internship: Tips for Success

Production internships are particularly useful, informative, and sometimes career-deciding, opportunities in the entertainment industry. These internships can give an excellent overview of the entire production process and allow you to try your hand on the work with some professional help.

Selecting Types of Production Internship

Production internships run the gamut of the entire entertainment industry, and you can even use several of them as specific emphases on your preferred areas of production. Types of production internship include:

  • Film production
  • TV production
  • Broadcasting
  • Music production
  • Audio
  • Theatre
  • Video

Many of these internships also separate into various areas of production, like:

  • Stage production
  • Sets
  • Sound engineering
  • Pre production
  • Post production
  • Makeup
  • Wardrobe
  • Film photography
  • Administration
  • Business

Finding an Internship

There are many production based internships advertised. You can refine your job search once you decide which type you need, and double check with the internship provider to make sure you’re getting what you need. Be sure to review all aspects of the internship thoroughly. If you’re doing academic studies, also check regarding credits, and suitability of the internship. It is possible to get the wrong internship.

Getting a production internship isn’t easy because it is very competitive. Some of the biggest studios and production companies in the US offer internships which are priceless in people’s early careers. You can assume you’re competing with every other production student in the country. You need to do your best and be at your best to succeed.

Production Internship Interviews

The needs of internships vary a lot, and interviews are primarily functional, rather than behavioral, in the purely production work-based interviews. You may well find yourself getting mainly technical questions, with a few “Tell us a bit about yourself” questions sprinkled in. In the critically important administration and business areas, the interviews tend to be more conventional behavioral types. You will need to prepare for an interview, make sure:

  • Your technical knowledge is a good match for the internship. Revise everything connected with the internship.
  • You express yourself clearly, proving your depth of skills. Good communication is a primary skill.
  • You research the internship provider, and are familiar with their work. This is critically important, because you may find yourself lost at the interview if you don’t.
  • You present yourself very well, and make a strong impression. Remember you’re competing with a lot of enthusiastic, highly motivated people.

The good news is that you’re being interviewed by creative people, who can recognize creativity in others. Your interests and commitment are major assets with top line producers.