Public Health Nurse Job Search Tips

A public health nurse job search is better defined by the type of sector in which you wish to work than the job title. This is a very broad band of nursing work, including community, public health duties and a range of possible types of work, including travel.

The nature of this type of work directly affects job hunting. Jobs may include ones in community health programs and Federal programs and ones otherwise outside the mainstream of the job market. The traditional area of public health nursing was in health departments, sometimes considered “carers of last resort.” This sector has now been largely covered by Medicaid and managed care programs, and public health nursing is now shifting back to its original mission, community health.

The roles of a public health nurse job may include:

  • Public education
  • Working in schools
  • Community disease prevention
  • Public health policy
  • Local public health issues
  • Advocacy roles
  • Screening services
  • Preventative care services
  • Emergency services
  • Environmental health advisory roles
  • Direct health care for people in need
  • Regional nursing care work including issues above

Public Health Nurse Job Search Online

Fortunately for job seekers, “public health nurse” is an effective search term, particularly on professional job boards. The main difficulty is that the term is also used as blanket coverage for a range of very different jobs.

For example, recently, we noticed that a public health nurse job in a hospice and another as a community nurse primarily engaged in screening for neonatal hepatitis were categorized under the same heading and title for the same employer. You need to read the details of ads to find any useful information about the jobs.

That’s a very time-consuming process if you have to wade through pages of job ads. On that basis, we suggest including terms that relate directly to job descriptions in your area of expertise. The scope of public health nurse jobs is much better defined by the skill sets than the job titles.

Use terms like "public health nurse hospice," for example, to specify the job roles and areas. If you’re looking for advocacy work, public education, or other types of public health nurse jobs, you’ll find it will reduce the search results and make job hunting a lot easier.

Specialist Sites

The specialist nursing sites are much better than the big job boards for nursing jobs generally. The US site allows you to search by state and location. This is a big site that also includes a lot of useful resources and current nursing issues, so it’s worth bookmarking in your search for public health nurse jobs or other nursing positions.

You can also post your resume on this site, and interested employers can contact you through the site. contacts you with the expression of interest, and if you’re interested in the job, you can follow up. This acts as a useful passive job hunting method, and it’s a big site, consistently at the top of Google searches.