Radiology Technician Job Search Tips

Radiology technician jobs contain numerous variations. At its heart, radiology involves the use of radiation in medicine, either for diagnostic or curative purposes. However, the branching out of this field means that a radiology technician job search is not as easy as simply typing in that term into job search sites. The radiology technician job search tips listed below should help you land a job of your choice quickly.

State Your Specialty

You are more likely to spot an advertisement for sonography specialists or radiotherapy experts instead of the generic ‘radiology technician’ term. If you don’t have a specialty yet, train for one. Being a master of one trade is more effective than being the jack of all.

When sending in your résumé, ensure that you mention your specialty, while still introducing yourself as a radiology technician. In your desperation to land a job, don’t state all fields as ‘specialties.’ You will fool no one.

Cross Training

If you find radiology technician jobs hard to come by, it might be time to start cross training in other modalities. It is not difficult, and certainly not a new concept. Choose a field of your liking, such as nuclear medicine technology, cardiovascular technology, computed tomography, etc. Don’t choose a field based simply on its job prospects. If a long, fulfilling career is what you are after, cross train only in a field you actually like.

Laboratories/Clinics/Nursing Homes

Laboratories, clinics and nursing homes look out for radiology technicians all the time. Find the ones in your region which might have vacancies and apply to them. Nursing homes might be an especially good idea for those who feel they owe something to the older generation.


If a job in a hospital is what you want, you might be in luck. Sites like offer all kinds of jobs online. You can narrow down your job search to any specialty you want. Even offline, finding jobs in hospitals shouldn’t be too difficult for qualified professionals. For new-comers, it might be a bit challenging. Your best bet would be the hospitals closest to your home. If traveling is not a problem for you, you can search for a job in more, perhaps even better, hospitals.

Gain Experience

If you don’t get your dream job on your first attempt, don’t fret over it. Get back to basics and get some experience under your belt. Find work in a small laboratory or clinic. Then search again for the job you really want. Your hard work might just pay off.

Go Private

What better place to search for a job than within yourself? If you have the aspirations of working independently, going private could be a satisfying career choice. Going private in any medical field does not usually involve much of a fuss. With good relationships with people in your area, clients won’t be difficult to come by either. If you are up to the task, you could even become a consultant.