Recruiters: Beware of Bad Behavior

When working with recruiters, it's important to beware of behavior that can cause you to lose valuable time and money in your job search efforts. Choosing a recruiter is a personal decision that many job seekers are turning to as a source of support and guidance during the job search process. Much like selecting a mentor or a teacher, the right recruiter can help you achieve career success. In contrast, the wrong recruiter can spell disaster. Here are some behaviors to watch out for when working with a recruiter.

Bad Behavior 1: Asking for Fees Upfront

Job seekers can really get themselves into serious trouble when dealing with a recruiter that's asking for "processing" or "contract" fees up front. It's important to know that a reputable recruiting firm will not ask you to pay anything to find a job. How contract recruiting works is that employees who decide to contract with the recruiting agency pay a percentage of your hiring rate directly to the recruiter. That's how they make money from their efforts. No legitimate recruiter has the right to ask you to pay for their services and in many regions this can be illegal.

Bad Behavior 2: Too Pushy

This is something that many job seekers are not prepared for when dealing with a recruiter. The number one goal of a recruiter is to find you a job that is worthy of your skills and in a time frame that is reasonable to your needs. The recruiter is hired by you to find you a job and they should respect that. Never ever tolerate pushiness from a recruiter as this is a sign that they will expect you to jump through hoops for them. Remember, you are the reason they are in business and they get paid when you accept a job, so don't take a job you don't want.

Bad Behavior 3: Asking Too Much Personal Information

Another behavior problem that many job seekers encounter with recruiters is dealing with people who are less than professional and want to know all your personal details. The only thing that a recruiter needs to know is what type of work you are seeking, your resume, references and any background information needed to promote you to potential employers. A recruiter is bound to the same rules of conduct as any other human resource professional. Only provide personal information on government approved employment firms upon an accepted job offer.

Bad Behavior 4: Not Getting You Interviews

Once you agree to work with a recruiter, you expect to get interviews, right? Well, if you are working with a badly behaved recruiter you may not get interviews with the companies that you really want to work for. If your recruiter is sending you on interviews that are not worthy of your skills and career level, speak up. Expect that he or she will be able to get you in the door within the industries you want to focus on. If the recruiter fails to recognize this after a reasonable amount of time, move on and find a recruiting firm that will.

Bad Behavior 5: Hard to Get in Touch With

The telltale sign of an ineffective recruiter is one who is difficult to get in touch with on a regular basis. Recruiters are working for you so they should be easy to contact whenever you have a question or to provide updates on job search efforts. Recruiters that procrastinate with you are likely not getting back to employers either. If you find that you are dealing with a non-communicative recruiter, seek job search assistance elsewhere.