Recruitment on Campus - your views and the way you think about jobsearch

Career advice for graduates

You know that being a student of a major business school/ university usually means that you are much sought after by the recruiters - you know you are a hot commodity and the market is all ready to welcome you with greedy hands.

The reason for the demand is that you are a perfect product - a person who is taught and conditioned to function under all possible conditions - like a veteran - and yet you are young and moldable according to the needs and requirements of any company.

You would think that with a gate pass such as a graduation degree from a leading university you are a fresher who has no flaws that would mar your chances for some of the best employment opportunities.

However, before you enter the real world successfully you would need to change your outlook about a few myths that are normally well ingrained in the minds of students :

Myth 1 - Campus recruitment is the best way for freshers to get employment. Truth - Yes, indeed Campus recruitment is a very important vehicle for freshers employment. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not the only one. The majority of the top positions today are filled through personal recommendations. This channel of freshers employment is called networking. Check out with your alumni and see what difference it makes.

Myth 2 - It is worth changing your major when for the right recruitment opportunity. Truth - Change is usually good because it brings with it new challenges and opportunities. However, when it comes to your major - change should be dictated by your inclination and innate aptitude - not your freshers employment demands


What you need to change here is your comprehension about the applicability of your major to any job you might be offered. It is like you are given a vessel and you would need pour in your talents the best way they fit in. The better they fit - the better chances you would have to bag that freshers employment opportunity.

Hence, highlight your skills in the context of your major. Use your major as a strength and spring board not as a straight jacket. Your major is your foundation - you need to build on it. There is no perfect match for any employment opportunity - whether it is for freshers or for veterans in any industry. But yes, there are perfect adaptations. Learn to adapt.

Myth 3 - When Campus recruitment fails, you should apply through email and other means. Internet has everything you will ever need to pursue your freshers employment opportunities. Truth - yes indeed. The Internet, email and all in all the virtual world is one of the major vehicles for job search and employment. However, this channel is not self-sufficient. You will need to establish a personal contact in order to make any positive impact on your freshers employment chances.

Email and virtual applications on the company's website are great ways to apply for freshers jobs. However, these would need close follow up by means of personal contact. As soon as you post your application - give your prospective employer a call, request for an appointment, find out their interview-call dates, etc - establish a real life contact; follow up. Find a mentor, work out a network for yourself, connect personally


Have you heard of the term job shadowing? If you have not, this is a good time to find out and try it our as well.

Myth 4 - Campus recruitment means, you will get a job if you are a great student. Truth - all companies love a good student and they fight for the best student to join their organization.

Appearing for the interview is not the way to show you are interested; this only shows that you are looking for a job. What you need to do is to research the company well before you appear before them. As a fresher, you would need to show them that you are keen to be part of the company not by words, but by deeds. Ask the right questions, show enthusiasm, match your skills as best as it could be to the job requirement, etc.

All this takes practice and a lot of work. When it comes to freshers employment, your grades and brilliant academic career is the passport to a good job, an entry pass. However, in order to qualify for the stay you need to show you want them as much as they do you.

Myth 5 - Career advisors can only give advice. You are all alone in your job search. Truth - When you use your career advisor, you learn the ropes of job-seeking as a fresher. Yes, the career advisor would not call you up and tell you that these are the jobs you should apply for; because you are supposed to find that out yourself.

However, the career advisor would almost always point you to the ways to reach to that goal - through putting you into contact with alumni (networking), organizing freshers employment fairs, teaching you the hows, whens and whats of freshers employment (action steps), and so on.

One of your best tools in your endeavor to find a job is your career advisor. Do not look at them as freshers placement agencies, though. Look at them as your best guides and allies rather than spoon-feeding mentors. You need to be ready to do your homework - only then you will get the best possible results.

A parting advice - you are a perfect package as long as you are able to fit in the employer's requirements and job description. Remember, they have plenty of choices and the only way you would ever make them eat out of your hand is by showing what a perfect match you are for them. Use change of outlook to adapt to their needs - and you will be on top priority of all freshers employment lists.