Respiratory Therapist Job Search Tips

The respiratory therapist job is going to become more sought after in the years to come as our population continues to age. Even though the job will be in high demand, you may still face some questions when it comes to finding a position. This article will provide some tips on how to conduct your respiratory therapist job search.

Talk with Educational Institutions

As a qualified respiratory therapist, you already have a ready-made network of professionals you can use to find work in the field. The university or school which provided your training can be a great source of leads. Most of these institutions have active placement departments with connections to many different employers. They should be the first places you consult in a respiratory therapist job search.

Consult Respiratory Care Associations

Several professional organizations dealing with respiratory care can provide career guidance and job leads for you. One of the largest is the American Association for Respiratory Care. The website has an entire section devoted to careers in the profession. Another well-known respiratory care organization is the National Board for Respiratory Care, which can provide much the same assistance. In addition you can consult many state respiratory care organizations.

Check with Home Care Companies

Many respiratory therapists are employed by companies that offer in-home assistance to those suffering from breathing problems. It might be a good idea to look for these kind of employers in the area you're looking to work. Even if they can't use your services, they can keep you at the top of their candidate list and perhaps even refer you to a similar employer.

Conduct an Online Job Search

The Internet now provides a great tool for job seekers. The health care field has hundreds of websites devoted to helping you find jobs. provides several options for you to find work. You also can post a resume on the site and make it visible to thousands of potential employers. You can also interact with others in your field and get some tips on resumes, interviewing and other job-related details.

Network Online

Social networking websites such as LinkedIn and Facebook are now becoming popular ways for job seekers to market themselves. Treat these sites almost like an online resume if you plan to use them this way. Make sure you keep your profiles professional and you do not use them for casual networking.

Check with Personal Contacts

Although technology is certainly a wonderful help to job seekers, old-fashioned personal networking is still a vitally important way to obtain your goal. Try to make as many personal contacts as you can in the respiratory therapy field. When you're looking for a job, put out the work among your personal contacts.