Salaries and Wages in Delhi

Salaries that you can expect:

In Delhi, the lowest salary you can expect for a job for a college pass-out would be Rs.5000-8000/- (-100) per month. Though there are people who work for less, you have the choice to move up fast. The IT industry has opened the horizons for high pay, where college freshers start at Rs.8000-10000 (-150) per month and within two-three years earn close to Rs.30,000/- () per month which is very high by Indian standards.

Of course managerial posts of middle standards you would expect nothing less that Rs.30,000 at start, while senior position can go with anything from Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakhs (-2300) and above.

The benefits:

In Delhi housing is a major problem, as it involves a great amount as a guarantee when you take it on rent. That amount would sometimes be ten to twenty times the monthly rent; this amount would be deposited with the house owner and it would be returned when you live the house. This is why most young people prefer to stay as paying guests or live in totally peripheries of Delhi. However, the latter involves a great deal of commuting which is not acceptable either.

In most cases, the employers offer housing on rent, but leased by them so as to exempt the payment of the guarantee amount. Other benefits include pick up and drop back especially in the BPO sector where the work goes on 24x7. The BPOs also offer a number of perks such as meals free, snacks and cold drinks/ coffee as and when you want and so on, in order to make the job more attractive to the younger generation.

Up and above these, there are allowance for commuting (where vehicle is not provided) medical reimbursement and medical insurance (many organizations offer a cap of Rs.1-2 lakhs or for hospitalization and critical illnesses). There are also LTA and LTC as in leave travel allowance/ concession where half a months salary to two months salary is given as a bonus for leisure traveling.

Many organizations also offer mobile sets, lap tops and other such hi-tech paraphernalia for the deserving candidates.

In order to get the best package, you need to first find out from the company itself what they give. You should, before you apply or face the interview, know exactly what the equation inside the organization is if you really want to close a good deal.