Sales Internship Tips

Sales internships are usually entry level based. You'll find that these internships contain very steep learning curves, including both fundamental sales work and specialization in terms of the actual sales products and industry. Sales is a demanding, performance based environment, requiring adaption to the demands of the work, and very thorough understanding of the sales role. As an intern, you will also be trained thoroughly, and given the opportunity to gain valuable experience in one of the most important parts of commerce. Sales internships can be  invaluable in terms of providing sales experience in areas related to your career goals.

Finding an internship

There are thousands of sales internships in all industries, advertised continuously on-line. This can make finding what you want particularly difficult. Sales internships also vary in quality, as well as in degrees of relevance to your goals. It's best to approach finding a sales internship on a logical basis:

  • What's the direct link between sales and your career goals? Sales is the defining form commercial application of any service, product, or profession involving commerce, including academic professions.
  • Which industries are involved? The industry identifies the type of sales, the market, and the sales demographics.
  • Which particular elements of sales relate to your requirements for career progression? What sales experience can help you in terms of progression? The type of sales work will identify the right internship.

You can be quite selective, when you focus on these relevant factors, and can exclude the rest of the internship ads. It's strongly recommended to research your preferred options as a further quality control to make sure you get the best internship available.

Interview preparation and questions

Sales internships are practical exercises on all levels. Even the theory is based on direct applications in practice.  Your interview will be based on:

  • Presentation: Sales is all about presentation. Good salespeople are excellent presenters. At the interview, you need to conduct a marketing exercise, as well as answering interview questions. How you present yourself will tell the interviewers a lot about your potential as a salesperson. That includes dress and body language. Wear basic business clothes, look good, and engage the interviewers directly when speaking. 
  • Communications skills: Indivisible from good presentation is good communication. Sales is primarily a communications based profession. Useful information must be relayed clearly, persuasively, and credibly. You should show the interviewers that your statement is a considered response, based on clear thinking. This is a core function of sales work, the ability to deal with questions from clients. The better your communications, the more competitive you are as a candidate.
  • Behavioral job interview types of questions: These questions will be based on relevant issues, like "How do you deal with a difficult customer?", and other purely functional issues.

Sales is the driving force of business. Remember that all questions in your interview will be based directly on sales considerations. Answers that provide good sales results are what are required. Think objectively when giving your interview answers, and you'll get the internship.