Search for International Jobs in Canada

Depending on your education and training, you may be eligible to apply for visas for international jobs in Canada, either under NAFTA or a skilled worker program which are managed by the individual provinces. Several multinational corporations, many with offices in the US, also conduct business in Canada, so there are opportunities to find a company that will transfer you to Canada for a work abroad experience.

Type of Work Available

According to the Manpower 2009 Talent Shortage Survey, 30% of employers, worldwide, struggle to find employees to fill skilled positions, and Canada is no exception. Canada experiences worker shortages in healthcare, accounting, IT and the skilled trades. Jobs in these areas in Canada will offer compensation that is comparable to the same work in the US.

For healthcare positions, you will be able to find work in almost every province in Canada, with more opportunities in rural Canada. Montreal is a hotbed for biotechnology research. If you specialize in agriculture biotech, you may try your luck in Saskatoon, a university city in Saskatchewan which has made significant investment in the industry.

When looking for work in IT, the major centers are in Vancouver and Montreal. Accounting positions will be available in Toronto, the largest city in Canada, as well as in Calgary, a major center for oil and gas investment. If you are looking for work in the skilled trades, you will be able to find work in northern Alberta and Saskatchewan, areas that are plunging ahead in oil and gas exploration.

Finding Jobs

The Government of Canada runs its own national job board,, which posts positions from both employers in the private, public and non-profit sectors. From the Government of Canada website, you can research individual companies by using the Canadian Company Capabilities Directory, which is available on the Industry Canada website. You will also be able to find opportunities, in industries such as tourism, policing, petroleum, and culture, by searching on the Human Resource Council website for each industry.

Vertical search engines, such as and SimplyHired, also have Canadian versions which will allow you to search the major Canadian newspapers and websites for employment opportunities. You can also use Canadian search engines, such as and Eluta, that harvest positions specifically from Canadian employers.

You can also find opportunities by looking for a multinational recruitment firm, like Manpower, and by searching on their Canadian websites for opportunities. If your skills are in demand, the recruitment firm may be willing to advise you about placement in Canada. Again, if you work for a multinational corporation, you may be able to seek a transfer to a Canadian branch of their business.

Though hit by the recession, Canada has a thriving economy with a stable government which is welcoming to migrant workers, especially skilled workers or professionals.