Searching the internet

The internet remains one of the largest job search resources for people looking for work, including ex-offenders. Looking for work online can take the form of many different options and strategies. Your online job search can be conducted through any of the following:

  • Specific company sites
  • Job boards
  • Community listings
  • Email

Specific company sites are a good way to begin your online job search as an ex-offender. Many of the larger companies today have an online page where you can apply for work; in fact many places such as Kmart, Wal-Mart and United Parcel Service only allow applications to be received online. If you know specific companies you want to work for, check their policy towards ex-offenders, and then check their application process while at the site. Most times you can have up to three applications finished in an hour and not leave the room.

Job boards are another good option for ex-offenders looking for work. Online job boards such as Monster, Career Builder and America's Job Bank list thousands of job openings and allow you to post your resume as well. In this manner, being an ex-offender doesn't become a large concern until after you have sold the employer on your qualifications.

Another method of online job searching is the use of search engines like Google and Yahoo. Using search phrases such as 'computer jobs' or 'job search' will help you find some leads which may not be common from other means.

Yet another method available for ex-offenders with limited resources is the online version of the local newspaper. Looking for work online using the newspaper classifieds is a good way to locate local employment without having to waste time traveling.

Community boards such as Craigslist is yet another way to search for jobs online. Being an ex-offender means you must pick carefully when you go looking through these types of postings. There are many who would claim they are employers when the posting is more likely to be a scam. But, if you search specific posting categories you can find the good local job through this method of online job search.

The last method used for finding jobs online is to email prospective employers in a similar manner to cold calling. Ex-offenders can make good use of this method because this allows you to send a good cover letter with your resume before ever filing an application. With this method you have a better chance of selling your skills before the mention of your criminal history.

For the ex-offender, the fact there will be limited resources is common. The knowledge comes in having the ability to properly use those resources to find work. Using online search methods will help find jobs faster and with better efficiency.