Security Guard Job Networking Tips

A strong will, ability to confront any danger and willingness to risk your life are a few essential qualities if you are looking for a security guard job. But to progress from an entry-level position of security guard to security officer or eventually the chief security officer, you will need to follow certain security guard job networking tips.

What Is Security Guard Job Networking?

Job networking in general means staying in touch with a group of people that might help you in getting a job. For a security guard job, this would mean almost all kinds of people: a friend who works in a retail store, a relative who owns a coffee shop, the manager of a bank, the secretary of a housing society. All of these people hold a position of power and can give you a security job. Security guard job networking won’t just help you get you first job. There’s more to it.

Better Jobs

Your first will probably be an entry-level security guard job. For better money and increased job satisfaction, you will likely need to progress up the ladder and work in better positions. One of the most coveted positions for anyone in the security field is the chief security officer position. With the fierce competition that exists for any top position, having a friend up there would definitely be helpful. If someone can push for you on the board that selects the person for this position, your prospects will radically improve.

Job Title Awareness

In your quest to get a job of a certain title, you might totally miss out on similar security guard jobs that have uncommon titles. Having a wide network that informs you of such positions will give you an upper hand when you are looking for a new job. The position of a security guard at a retail business, for example, might be titled "Loss Prevention Specialist." Keeping an eye out for all such titles might be unrealistic. This is where your circle of informers comes in, helping you stay updated on the possible job titles you should watch out for.

How to Build Your Network

In a security guard job, you have the unique opportunity of interacting with a variety of people. Not all kinds of security guard jobs will allow you the liberty of getting chatty, though. When you can talk with others, talk with a purpose and be in control of the conversation.

Also, stay in touch with your colleagues. They might know of openings in security firms that you have never heard of. Always be on the lookout for opportunities that others miss. For example, on your next visit to your favorite grocery store, get chatty with the owner if you can. Make it clear that you are a security guard, but don’t oversell yourself. It is possible that the next time he looks for a new guard, he might come to you.