Seven Reasons for Online Portfolios

Whereas in the past mostly only graphic artists and designers posted online portfolios, more and more people who work in other fields are seeing many beneficial reasons for showing off their credential on the Internet. Online portfolios are beneficial for numerous reasons, and the following seven are just a few of the many reasons you should consider building one.

1. Access a Global Market

First of all, an online portfolio will allow you to reach potential employers and clients all over the world since it is posted on the Internet and easily accessible to anyone on the planet. As a result, you are not limited in scope to your narrow geographic region, and you have much greater opportunities for being hired.

2. Create a Constant Promotion Opportunity

Another advantage of posting an online portfolio is that your credentials and work samples are accessible to people 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So it is convenient for anyone interested in your skills and abilities to look at any time. In addition, it allows you to easily refer people you meet to your web site, especially when you are talking with someone about what you do and don't happen to have a card with you.

3. Become Interactive

Yet another reason online portfolios are a good idea is that they are interactive if they are set up in the right way. You need to make sure yours will allow visitors to post comments, chat with you online, or email you. In this way, you can answer questions and discuss jobs with potential employers when it is most convenient for both of you.

4. Establish Targeted Social Media

Additionally, when you have an online portfolio, you can easily link it to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. As a result, you can gain greater exposure to the people you want to target, the ones who are most interested in hiring someone with your skills and talents. So in a way, you can pre-qualify people by posting your online portfolio and save yourself valuable time by not pursuing unsuitable leads.

5. Can Be Cost Effective

Along with saving you time, an online portfolio can also be cost effective. Even though there is some investment in creating and maintaining a web site, this cost can be a lot less expensive than making numerous copies and then mailing a big, bulky portfolio to various businesses for decision makers to review.

6. Level the Playing Field

Any type of online presence can benefit the individual who may be facing a great deal of competition from bigger organizations or more qualified competitors. Just the fact that you have taken the time to post your work and credentials on the Internet will impress people with the ability to hire you. In fact, online portfolios can make you look bigger than you really are and can help you give the impression that you are a professional, or even an expert in your field, who is worth consulting.

7. Show Who You Are

Since your online portfolio should be reflective of who you are and what you do, potential employers will quickly be able to see what your personality is like, what makes you unique, and what your special niche is. As a result, potential employers will be able to determine exactly what your area of expertise is and how hiring you could be beneficial to them.

As you can see, the advantages of creating online portfolios are numerous, so you should seriously consider getting started on yours as soon as possible so that you can maximize your potential job opportunities.