Simple Job Search equals better job search

The majority of jobs are filled through inside recommendations, and hence do not reach the advertising-in-the-paper level. Sometimes, you find that opportunities fall into the lap of people you know and wonder what made them so lucky. The hidden market can be extremely useful for those who understand it and are able to harness it to their needs. However, there are other ways to ensure that Lady Luck chooses you, next time. Here are some tips that would fruition your efforts in seeking the right job:

Competition: The first and most common method of seeking a job is through newspaper ads. All said and done this gives you great leads. However, it is also true that the job vacancy that you have circled in the classifieds is also circled by some other hundred or more people who would also apply. Why should the recruiter single your CV out? Be ready for fierce competition and have your application exceptionally well written. Your basic aim would be that the recruiter should be able to scan your application and find all the information that says you would be a good (if not best) candidate for this job in 10 seconds.

Variety: Use all the avenues you have. Even if all roads lead to Rome, if you want a message to reach fast and be sure it reaches Rome, you may send through as many roads as you can! Hence, you can always use as many methods as possible to you to get a job. The following are some of the possible variations:

Employment agencies this is the most common SOS for all the job seekers. However, as all SOS resources should be used as the last resort. It is good to enroll into one, as you will always have some leads or other from it; however, this should definitely not be the only way you have to get your job. Use two or more employment agencies when you do, since most of them have their own base clients, and you earn more leads in this way. Remember always to try to choose those agencies, which charge their fees from the companies (not job seekers).

Part-time/temporary jobs: this could very well be described as the proverbial foot-in-the-door. These opportunities are great for both the sides to gauge your fit to the job. The company can observe and make an opinion about the way you may fit in while you too can check out and see whether this is indeed the right place where you want to be. It is quite often that what starts as a part time or temporary job, metamorphoses into a full-time, highly rewarding job. Hence, be on the look out at those odds and ends jobs that are advertised by word of mouth and/or classifieds on this subject. You may find your vehicle for your dream job in the oddest of places.

Filling out applications online Internet is an excellent tool that you should make part and parcel of your arsenal for job search. There are millions out there who use the Internet routinely to get the right candidates for their vacancies. Keep this point in mind more than 95% of the companies first advertise their vacancies on their own website. Very often, companies have the facility of allowing prospective candidates to apply for any position, i.e. fill-in their online application and you would be contacted over email (often by computer generated email) when your candidature matches any position in that company.

The donts Your efforts should be geared to get that job. Hence, every effort you put in should be liable to pay back. The following are a few cautions that could jeopardize your search and your confidence:

Mass applications avoid by all means applying left, right and centre. Stay focused when you apply anywhere. Remember, your Cv would only have a chance to be selected when it is showing a perfect fit to the companys goals and jobs requirements. When you send generalized CVs, you loose this edge to those who took the pain to match their skills to the job. Besides, when you send too many applications and have little positive result (which is very much expected for reasons explained above) it kind of dampens your spirit and wears off your confidence. You definitely do not want that as a by-product of your job search!

Contacting the HR department/ personnel : Often people address their general query (cold calls) to the HR Department. Companies either hire recruiting agencies or have the respective department (where jobs are vacant) constitute a panel for this purpose. If you do want to send your application for any suitable position call the reception and enquire whom it should be addressed to. Reaching the right person is the first and most important step towards your goal.

State Employment Service though this is an excellent avenue, it moves very slowly and the rotation of personnel makes it difficult to have personalized service. Do not rely too heavily on this method because reports show that only about 5-10 percent of people who apply get their jobs through this avenue.

Do not leave anything to the Providence you and only you will have to get this through. Hence, when you apply anywhere, do not forget to follow-up constantly. Always stay in touch and on top of everything you have going on. People tend to relax once they have their names enrolled in one or two placement agencies and/or sent their applications to a couple of great places; they expect that the answers would come. Most often than not, the answer will not come unless you follow it up constantly.

Networking there is nothing that works better in a job search than networking. Welcome to the hidden job market! (By the way, did you know that networking is also known as warm contacts?) This is the method though which about 75-85% of the vacancies are filled today. So, are you part of this wonderful networking process, yet? In order to do so, you should be aware of how you could connect to, form and maintain a fruitful networking system. The following are a few crucially important steps in this direction.

Identify your potential contacts sit down in a quiet place with a pen and paper and write the down the name of your relatives, friends, colleagues, professors (teachers), superiors and acquaintances whom you know. This list could be as long as you want there is no limit to it. However, the minimum should be about 10. Once this list is over, repeat the process. This time, concentrating your efforts in identifying places where you could get help in this direction if you approach them, i.e. church congregation, social clubs, sports clubs, and all such places where you do not know people individually, but are acquainted well enough to listen to you if you wanted any help/assistance.

Stay in constant touch though people usually call when they need something to be done and/or during major festivals, it is important that you stay in contact a little more often than that. In order to create a good impact, send a short Hello, I was thinking of you kind of email every two-three months and exchange the latest at your end. More often than not, your network would respond and hence, you would stay on the top of their minds, wherever they are.

Inform them about what you want if you project yourself as an extremely successful and happy person, they will hardly think of you when a job opportunity comes up. You will need to let them know that you are looking for a job (and what type of opening you would prefer). Everybody in your circle should know what you want and what your major strengths are.

Customize your approach project your ideas with high clarity and express your job preference very carefully; you would not want to be recommended for wrong openings. The style of information flow to your parents would be different from the one you use for your colleagues and peers. Hence, be careful how you communicate and inform about your needing a job.

Be persuasive and persistent without becoming a pest it is very important that you learn the difference between healthy persistence and being a pest. By all means, ask for leads and follow up about these closely. However, be aware there is a very fine line between perseverance and soreness. Do not drive your contacts up the wall. Pursue your goal with finesse and a lot of diplomacy.

Networking is easy basically speaking, networking means weaving people in a very close web pattern, i.e. each person knows each other and when a job pops up, these people look inside their circle to fill up the vacancy. The point is, to stay on that inner circle forever. You will get your leads, your reference, your jobs everything from this inner circle.

Direct contact: This is a very different method from networking but one, which works as well maybe even better for some people. This method, known as cold contacting, is employed by people who are by nature, more extrovert and assertive. It takes quite some nerve to walk up your prospective employer and ask whether they had any vacancy that you could apply for and this is not for everybody. However, it is an excellent method, which actually showcases first the candidates self-confidence and ability to handle problems head on. This is a great beginning. If you are one to whom the direct approach is appealing then check out the following tips on how to do it right:

Get your leads: In order to call on somebody, you would need to have an address in the first place. You will need first to make a list of the companies you prefer to work with. Choose the companies you would love to work for and then work out a strategy to reach the right person and ask for job. Find out who is that right person before hand.

Get interviewed: The best way is to walk in without a prior appointment because that usually does not give them time to organize their thoughts and say, Watch out for our ads and then apply. You just drop by and ask to meet the person who is in charge of the hiring-n-firing, and put all your cards on the table. This approach works like a charm in medium and small companies. Surprisingly, large companies love this approach as well and on scale of 10 your chances to land a job in this way is 8 or 9.

Aim high: You will always get a job in a small enterprise. Hence, keep that for a stand-by. Aim high when you go for a direct approach. Choose your dream company (one quoted in Fortune 500, preferably), walk in there, and ask for it chances are that your assertiveness will win you your prize job. If not, do not let it dampen your spirits remember, there is no vacancy at present and you are making a cold call - try working with a smaller establishment, until you get the right opening. Never stop trying. Failure is the result of your efforts only when you stop trying!