Software Engineer Job Search Tips

The software engineer job search is complex because of the large range of roles and types of expertise involved. This is a truly demanding job classification when looking for work, and it’s best to approach your job search with as many different options as possible. The problem for software engineer job searches is that anything called “software” will be included in the classification, as will any job connected with software. Even a normal expression like “code writer” will inevitably get “technical writer” results based on “writer”.

Software Engineer Job Search Online

Generic terms are definitely not recommended for software engineer job hunting on the major job boards. With any technical profession, unique search terms are by far the most reliable way of getting relevant results. Depending on your specialties, you can use simple functional terms to describe your work. Employers are actually looking for skills, not just job titles, so you can be sure that those terms will be in the job ads.

The big job boards redeem themselves with their ability to check employers. A single search can provide you with several possible employers to put on your watch list. If you are able to use words like “not…”, you can filter out many irrelevant jobs. You can also use your qualifications and certifications as benchmark terms to establish a basic criteria structure.

One of the more reliable forms of search to avoid irrelevant results is to use the names of computer languages and preferred job functions, like "C++ video" if you're looking for video game software engineer jobs. Your qualifications and certifications are also useful, because they'll stay within the parameters of your skills and meet essential requirements.

Another useful trick is to search areas of interest. If you're looking ahead, you can check out the requirements for your dream job, and see what employers are looking for in that type of work.

Other Software Engineer Job Search Options

Software engineer job possibilities are a bit more flexible than most professions. The ability to work with software is a particularly portable skill set which you should exploit to the full. A few suggestions:

  • Don’t confine your job search to a particular stream: job ads are a working diagnostic of the employment market. You may notice areas of your work which you can develop into very good career positioning.
  • Consider the career potentials of all possibilities: Some jobs lead to better roles, particularly with a major employer.
  • Projects can be excellent portfolio materials: These jobs can be major enhancers of career prospects. The income potential is often better than regular jobs. They’re also good for getting the vital experience in areas which you may want to develop further.
  • Freelance and contract work: A useful second income and introducing yourself to potential employers. This type of work can also develop into a full scale business in the right market.
  • Combination of roles: Working independently in multiple roles can be a better option than a single stream job. It greatly reduces income vulnerability, and can generate a lot more paying work than a salary position.