Some tips and tricks for graduates.

Many new grads are faced with the tough decision on what to do after graduating. Graduate career advice can be difficult, because every situation is unique. The number one biggest problem for recent grads is that they do not know what to do with their degree. Graduate career advice can be found in many places, including your college career office. This office can help you apply your degree to the best job for you. Below are some graduate career advice guidelines that can be applied to your job search.

  • 1. Make smart career choices. Remember to do the necessary research on the job or career field that you are considering. Again, talk to people such as alumni, parents, professors, and the college career office. All of these sources are important in helping you learn as much as possible about your future career. This is the number one graduate career advice goal! Be sure to take it seriously.
  • 2. Do not get your heart set on working for a multinational. These bigger companies receive hundreds of resumes a day and yours may get caught up in the paperwork. Try to apply for jobs at smaller companies of 100 employees or less. Hopefully, this will allow you to at least secure an interview.
  • 3. Use other means besides the internet. Even though the internet and job search engines are a great place to find jobs, do not let this be your sole means. The number one way to find a job is by networking. Talk to as many people as possible; preferably those in your career field.
  • 4. Make sure you are sending your resume to the appropriate person. Try to avoid sending resumes out to general human resource addresses. If at all possible, send your resume directly to the hiring manager.
  • 5. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread. Never send out your resume with any mistakes on it. This is a sure fire way to get your resume tossed out before you even get a chance to interview.
  • 6. Be prepared for the interview. Employers are making quick decisions due to an immediate need for employees. Be prepared for every question, and remember to use proper interview etiquette. Also, do not forget to bring extra resumes.
  • 7. Be particular about the job you choose. Even though your number one goal is to find a job, you must be selective. Make sure you choose the situation that is best for you as defined by your career goals. This will go a long way in gaining the experience that you need to move to the top.

Overall, by following the above graduate career advice you should be able to land yourself a great job in your career field.