South Africa work permit

South Africa is wonderful work destination from many angles; the African society has a bit of everything from all the countries. It has something of France, something of India, something of USA, something from UK and sometimes for UAE. You can say that everyone can get something in Africa.

The applications for work permit usually take very little ? one week to ten days. You will have to apply with the South Africa Embassy for it.

South Africa has both the society as well as the education system very similar to that of India. Their rural developments as well as unemployment issues are more or less like that of India hence, you will be made comfortable during the interview. Be careful though that they are quite strict about work and working hours. However they totally freak out partying during the weekend.

A work permit for South Africa is equal to a temporary residential permit and hence the visa and the work permit will be considered as one.

Work Permit
In South Africa, the work permit is actually a temporary residential permit.

The application is supposed to be processed from the local South African High Commission. Only the employer can apply for the work permit for the employee. The employee himself/herself cannot apply. You will need to show/ provide a contract that covers the following points:

  • Day-to-day management stays with the service provider
  • The job should have warranted deliverables
  • The contract should cover the entire period for which the permit is applied for
  • It should be offered on the letterhead of the client with the signature of both parties

Once you are offered work permit ? after your employer gets it for you ? you need not apply for a visa. The visa is offered automatically with the issue of the work permit.

The employer will have to convince the authorities that the foreigner invited for the job can do the best job ever and that there can be no substitute for this worker from the local work force. The application will contain the following:

  • Date when the vacation fell open
  • Places where the vacancy has been advertised in the newspapers
  • Valid reasons why local African people could not employed for the same job
  • The possibility of having a small group of people trained by the incoming foreigner
  • What exactly exceptional qualifications/ capabilities does the foreigner have
  • The position should be commensurate to the person's qualification and skill-set

The following documents will be needed:

  • Application forms ? BI-159, A and C
  • Marriage certificate where applicable
  • Employment contract showing the time, designation and the remuneration for the said employee
  • CV
  • Medical certificate
  • Proof of the advertisement in the Newspapers and why the locals were found unsuitable
  • English translation of all the certificates required
  • Birth certificate of self
  • Testimonials of the employee proving his/her fit for the job

The basic requirements for entering South Africa

  • Passport ? should be valid for the whole period that you intend to stay (and are applying for)
  • A valid visa
  • Sufficient funds for the period you are likely to stay
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate