State employment for ex-offenders

Finding work with a government agency or work needing a government license can be hard for an ex-offender. Job clearance is often limited or non-existent. Most often it is hard to know which jobs you can get because of your criminal history. Other times it is hard to know why you are turned away. Here is a sample guide for some of the most often sought after jobs and what their requirements are in regards to licensing.

Jobs You May Be Able to Get

  • Day Care Employee - licenses or permits to work in day care centers are most often required by the Department of Public Health. The agency will most likely require a background and criminal history report on any applicants. Issues which may stop you here range from anything dealing with minors to sexual assault, deadly force, and reckless endangerment or drug convictions.
  • School Bus Driver - almost all states require a license to drive a school bus or van. The Department of Motor Vehicles determines who is allowed a license. Anyone with a charge related to minors or reckless endangerment will automatically not be eligible.
  • Public Health Worker - this license is granted from your Department of Public Health. This license covers everything from nursing to dental hygienists, barbers, hairdressers and aides. Any conviction for drugs or abuse may stop you from this type of work.
  • Auto Sales and/or Repair - this type of work is governed by the Department of Motor Vehicles for your state. If your criminal history shows a background of fraud, auto theft, or larceny you could be denied work in this field.

Jobs Which You Are Barred From Working

  • Private Security - this license can be denied for anyone convicted of drug possession, reckless endangerment, unlawful restraint, stalking, sexual assault or rape and murder
  • Bail Bond Agent - you will be denied a license for work as a bail enforcement agent if you have been convicted of a serious assault, reckless endangerment, drugs, criminal homicide, unlawful restraint, and the more serious stalking charges.
  • Taxi Driver - most states require taxi drivers and limo drivers to have special licenses. If you have been convicted of crimes involving drugs, sexual assaults, fraud or theft you will not get a license. Some states will not grant a license under any condition.
  • Pawn Broker - any person convicted of a felony can not work in a pawn shop. Fingerprints and background checks are required in most states.
  • Jewelry Sales - any person convicted of a felony will not find work in a jewelry store. Again, fingerprints and background checks are required in most states.
  • Airport Worker - this type of work deals with mainly federal regulations. If you have a criminal history you can not work near aircraft or most front line airport jobs.
  • Firearms Dealer - any convicted felon is barred from owning, possession or sale of firearms in almost every state. If your employer sells other items in different departments you can only work in those departments.
  • Unlicensed Home Care Provider - some states allow for payment of unlicensed home care for individuals on welfare assistance. If you have a conviction you are not allowed to receive funds from most states for this type of work.

Job clearance for ex-offenders can be difficult. Knowing which government licensed jobs ex-offenders are ineligible for will help you narrow your focus.