Steps to seeking the right job

As an ex-offender, you are probably coming out of a low point in your life. Seeking out the right job for you is one important step in not re-offending and falling back into a criminal life. Jobs for ex-offenders will be harder to come by because of the ex-offender stereotypes in society today. This does not mean you are required to take the first low wage unskilled unwanted job which someone is willing to bless you with. Like every other job applicant you are allowed the right to seek out the right job for you and your abilities.

To do a proper search, you need to know yourself and your abilities. There are five categories for which you must make an assessment of yourself before going forward. These categories include the following:

  • Personality
  • Skills and training
  • Knowledge and interests
  • Health
  • Location

An example of this would be if you are a people person and have a good knowledge of cooking then you could work in a restaurant; but if you have a hard time handling the hours of standing or the nearest diner is miles away this type of work would be less of an option.

This example brings us to the next phase of the job search as an ex-offender. Seeking the right job could take one of four different paths depending on your choices. Keep in mind that stereotypes of ex-offenders will play a part in any path you choose. Here are the four different directions you might take:

  • Keep looking for a suitable job knowing that this may take time and more effort
  • Take a job to pay bills while you continue looking for a better job
  • Take classes to learn new skills which are needed in the community where you live
  • Move to a community where your skills are needed knowing that it will take time to adjust to the new surroundings while finding work

Seeking the right job is difficult for many disadvantaged people. Jobs for ex-offenders fall into this category. It will take time and effort no matter what direction you choose. If you are willing to put yourself to the task, finding the right job which suits you is a possibility.