surefire way to search for a job

Job searching is a job by itself. This endeavor will not bear the right fruit until you take it seriously. You have to be both consistent as well as perseverant at this task; you will need to apply yourself fully and treat this endeavor as a mission.

Of course, for every great task, there should be a master plan that would guide you and keep you focused on the goal. Without a good plan, the best of efforts would collapse since they would lose sight of the target after while. Do you have a plan drawn up for your job search or are you at it with sporadic efforts?

Your success (or lack of it) would be very much dependent on how organized a manner you apply yourself to this task. Below are a few points that would help you stay focused and have all your energy directed to this one goal, i.e. your job search.

  1. Start at the beginning ? do you have the right type of CV? Does it reflect your strengths? Since your CV would often need slight tweaking in order to reflect your strengths in the light of the job requirement, it is better that you do not mass print these.

    Rather, you should have your achievements and qualification listed in bullet points and when you apply for a job each CV should be written specially for that organization (with emphasis on the job you are applying for).

    In case you are not sure whether you are doing the right thing or not ? do not take the trial-and-error method. Rather, consider using a professional CV writing agency, which can help drawing up professional stop-in-tracks CVs.

    Remember, if your basic tool is wrong, then your chance to land your favored job will remain a pipe dream forever.

  2. Have things organized ? keep all the relevant material and information in one place, well organized. Make copies of every cover letter and CV you send, so you could be able to refer to what you wrote if you are called for an interview.

    You should not be running in confusion here and there when you need paper to print your CV, or an envelope or the dairy where you will need to enter the details of your day to day tasks regarding the job search.

    It would be good if you have a corner that you consecrate to work and have placed there a desk, with a computer, printer, experience certificates' files, and all information required for writing a CV. In this way, you will feel more relaxed and focused when you write that cover letter or the tailor-made CV ? than, stopping every time to get hold of some relevant information or other from elsewhere.

  3. Follow-up ? This aspect cannot be stressed enough. You have to keep at it, all the time. You sent your CV, make a note of it in your dairy and then after 5 days without any response, follow it up either with a phone call or an email enquiry. Be brief, but make sure you find out (a) whether they are considering your application; (b) when to revert for more news; (c) what is the method on informing their call for interview or rejection?

    If you are proficient with the computer an excel spreadsheet would serve this purpose extremely well. Otherwise, you could also use a plain regular dairy or the electronic digital dairies which have an alarm (which can remind you to call) system for 'to do' tasks.

  4. Set a target for yourself ? Make a list of the best organization you want to work in ? whether these are in your state or country and then organize yourself to apply for the vacancies coming up accordingly. Keep a master list with the following headings:

    1. your most favorite companies (your dream companies) - max three
    2. companies that you would be willing to join intermediary vehicle for your final destination (your dream company) ? about 4-5
    3. companies that would interest you, given the right breaks (right opening/ job) ? about 4-5
    4. companies that would sustain you economically, but do not contribute to your career goal - about 4-5

    You will then have to identify at least 3-5 under each heading and apply. Once the results are out, you carry on, make a new list and start the process all over again. Only the top most heading will have constant entries; all the others would keep changing as per the results. You understand from this task that you should be constantly seeking suitable openings and classifying these according to your priority.

  5. Network heavily ? today, the majority of jobs are absorbed through the hidden market. Hence, you will need to have your 'fame' spread far and wide if you want to land the right jobs. You should never leave out any occasion to network and/or promote yourself.

    This should be done subtly, though, so the person with whom you are building a rapport should remain interested in you and your career direction. Be the first to offer help/assistance in your field to anyone in your network. Grateful people can be more than helpful when time comes.

    Other ways to network is by attending workshops, seminars and improvement classes where you are likely to meet a good number of your peers. Networking is a constant and continuous task ? remember to stay in touch and on the top of the person's mind without seeming like pest. You could send good wishes on various festive occasions or just plain 'Hi! How are you! I was thinking of you.' type of emails that are short and sweet and give you the opportunity to add a line or two on your latest achievements.

  6. Believe in yourself ? Look up in the annals of history and you will see that those people succeeded who believed in themselves even in the face of the worst personal or professional losses. The best example is President Abraham Lincoln. Another example is Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers ? and the list goes on. Rejection is just a matter of opinion. Do not let it stop you; do not let it waver your belief in yourself. You are special and you have a niche out there that is specially made for you. No one can take that ? the point is to be perseverant enough to find it.