Surgical Tech Job Search Tips

If you dream of holding down a surgical tech job, you will need to have a strong stomach, be punctual and of course, be able to take orders.

A surgical technologist is someone who typically assists the attending physician who is in the operating room whether it’s prepping the operating room or handing him a scalpel. The job has many facets and the role is much more than having to stand on your feet for hours on end, but working in Post-Op after the patient has come out of surgery, too.

Check with your particular area to see what form of certification is needed to be able to practice as a surgical tech. There are a number of positions a surgical technologist can look for when job hunting that will hopefully lead to a long lasting career in the health field.

Online Searching

A good place to begin your search for a surgical technologist’s position is via online websites that specialize in the healthcare field. You will most likely have better luck on these sites since they are geared specifically for such roles rather than a general search where the categories are much too broad.

Check Out Medical Centers

There are some medical centers that have physicians within their floors that may have a need for a surgical technician. It is best to visit these major medical centers in your area and look at the medical roster usually posted in the entry hall on arrival. Write down names of the doctors and contact their office managers or heads of personnel to see if there are any openings for surgical techs or if there will be in the near future. Be prepared to share your resume, certifications, and any hands-on job experience that you may have had up to that point.

Look Up Plastic Surgeons

Most plastic surgeon’s offices have an operating or two within their practices to perform surgeries on site. This means there is a definite need for a surgical technician who has experience in an operating room setting to assist the doctor. The surgical technician may also be utilized in this scenario for Post-Operative patient duties and/or even staying overnight with the patient until he can safely leave the office.

Call on Area Hospitals

Contact your local hospitals, small or large and enquire about open staffing positions for surgical technicians presently or upcoming. Since hospitals tend to have multiple uses for surgical technicians, this could be your best venue for finding a position. You might also ask the Human Resources Department if you might be able to serve as a floater or someone who fills in on weekends, evenings or when other staff surgical technicians are unavailable.

Outpatient Care Units

You can contact outpatient care centers that are similar to major hospitals, but are on a smaller scale. They are run similar to a hospital, but with less staff and they tend to see more patients on any given day because they are constantly coming and going. Look in your local phonebook to see if there are any outpatient centers within the drive time that is do-able for you to see if there are any openings. Explain to the department that is hiring what it is you are looking for, the number of hours needed, and what your experience is as surgical technician.