Teach in Japan

There are numerous opportunities for working as an English teacher in Japan, but only if you are qualified and have some experience in teaching English since they require a high standard of teaching abilities and language comprehension.

Obstacles to overcome if you want to teach in Japan

Applying from abroad for employment as an English teacher in Japan
Getting a job for Teaching English in Japan is much more difficult if you are not staying in the country since most schools advertise in the Japan Times on Mondays, and interview appointments are normally filled by the afternoon.

Teach in Japan without a degree or diploma
Your best option for working as an English teacher in Japan without a degree is a diploma in teaching or English, but if you don't have one, you can provide private tutoring. It is ideal if you plan to stay for less than a year because many businessmen need short courses in English conversation. You can join the JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) program, as an Alternative Language Teacher. You will work in the city bureau from where you will visit schools to provide instruction for motivation purposes. You don't need formal education for this and will get a good salary.

Finding employment as an English teacher in Japan when you are over 35
They prefer people younger than 35 years and females are more popular than men, but you can still provide private tutor services to businessmen.

Finding a job in Japan when you don't have a North American accent
The private schools don't hire people with Irish, Scottish, or Australian accents, and will only hire people with English as native language. If you plan to teach in Japan, you should try to get acquainted with the North American accent.

Minimum Qualifications for Teaching English in Japan
You will not be able to get a working visa if you don't have a Bachelor's degree or a Higher Education Diploma unless you are married to a Japanese citizen, but many schools will still not consider you for employment. You will need to demonstrate your teaching skills if you have the qualifications but little or no experience, in order to find employment as an English Teacher in Japan. Don't expect to earn more than 250 000 yen in your first job unless you enroll with the JET program.

The odds in finding a job in Japan are better when you have a Bachelor degree with English as major and some related experience. You can then earn more than 250 000 yen. You will be able to get a position at a high school or junior college with a Bachelor degree in English and EFL certification. A Master's degree in an unrelated field is not a guarantee that you will be allowed to teach at universities. You will have more choices to teach in Japan if you have a Master's degree in English and have some related teaching experience.