Teen job search references

Are you looking for that first job and worried about your teen job search references and what it means? How to get it and how to present it?

A character reference is an addition or an alternative to an employment reference letter.

Normally if you have been previously employed, your prospective employer would check up about you with your previous employers. A character reference aids in boosting your candidacy in giving you a personalized reference in any situation related to teen job search references.

If this is the first time you are applying for a job then definitely a personal reference would be used instead of an employment reference

How do you acquire a Character reference?

A character reference can be acquired from many different sources. Basically anyone willing to vouch for your character and knows you long enough is qualified to give you a character reference. So neighbors, professors, school teacher, business acquaintances all are eligible for the task.

If you have been in any volunteer work groups, you could acquire a character reference from them too. Other options would be from girl/boy scout associations, sport clubs, group leaders and coaches.

The Constance

The Character reference is a basically a formal letter that is written by someone vouching for knowing you for a period of time with a basic description of your character.

It will read as:

To whom it may concern.

I have known Peter for X number of years where he was portrayed many capacities in the field of education as well as in sports and extra curricular activities.

Peter has diligently taken over responsibilities such as XXX, YYY and ZZZ. I was touched by Peter's ability's at XXX, YYY and ZZZ. I am confident that Peter has enough skills to competently fill your vacancy, I can be certain that he will become an asset to any your company.

Yours truly,
Prof. XYZ


In some cases employers can request the provision of at least 3 teen job search references. It's very important that you select your references carefully and know them well. The people of your choice for a reference have to be responsive and should be able to vouch for your title, the location you're living at and confirm other details. It is a common courtesy to ask your referees for their consent before appointing them as references in your resume. Also make sure that you tell them a little about the job you are applying for (the title etc), company details and how their contribution could help you.

Service Letters

Service letters are often issued when an employee resigns from a company. However, they almost always come in a formal format where none other than your name, period of work and your job title is mentioned. Service letters usually do not state anything about your performance.

So, it's always advisable to ask for a letter of recommendation from your manager or your immediate superior when you leave a job, as it is a common trend to easily lose track of previous employers when time passes. However, keep in mind that service letters are just as important to prove your record of previous positions held.