Telemetry Nurse Job Search Tips

Telemetry nurse work is comparatively new in the health sector. That means that it’s also comparatively new in the employment market. This is one of the more technically advanced nursing jobs, and it’s also a bit advanced for some of the facilities in the mainstream market.

Telemetry Nurse Job Search Online

The good news is that “telemetry” isn’t a common word in most job descriptions. As a search term, it’s pretty trustworthy. The bad news is that “monitoring” is a sort of synonym, inaccurate as it is. So the jobs a telemetry nurse is looking for may be harder to find.

There’s a way out of this situation. All technical jobs have unique characteristics and terminology which make good search terms, because they form essential parts of the job descriptions.  For telemetry nurses, it’s useful to use specific terms related to your systems which will find your jobs for you.

Another useful trick is to use the PCCN (Progressive Care Certified Nurse) certification as a search term. That will at least put your search in the right zones for jobs, if not exact matches for what you want.

There are a range of terms which may assist:

  • Telemetry unit
  • Direct observation unit
  • Intermediate care unit
  • Step-down unit
  • Emergency unit
  • Transitional care unit

Leave out the word “unit” if it’s attracting too many results you don’t want. Using these terms will help pin down specific areas and types of care, however, so they will help isolate the positions you need.

Boolean searches (“telemetry:nurse”) may be a better option on the big job boards to reduce search results to workable sizes. However, we suggest specialist job sites and health care sector specific sites in preference to the big boards, because they’ll produce less extraneous material in search results.

Two sites in particular may help:

Nursing is a major US professional nursing site. You’ll find a forum, job ads, and a lot of professional resources which can help.

Hospital Jobs is another useful US site. This is a site where you have to register, but it’s free, and has a lot of nursing jobs.

Other Telemetry Nurse Job Search Options

The telemetry nurse position is a specialist job, and it’s likely to be a lot more productive in the short term to use contacts and industry knowledge in your job hunting.

These are a few possible options:

  • Networking: Your trainers and hospital contacts may be able to save you a lot of time and patience. Trainers have a lot of industry contacts, and in this field they’re in more or less constant contact with hospitals. Colleagues can also assist with current information about upcoming job vacancies.
  • Recruiters: Health sector specialist recruiters may be the answer, if you’re finding that the job market is too slow or too difficult. Having someone else doing the searching can be a real time saver. (Also ask your network about recruiters with good, proven placement records.)
  • Other areas of employment: The telemetry nurse jobs aren’t the only role available, and many other types of nursing job include several of the functions of the telemetry nurse role. This sort of work allows you to maintain currency of experience, and may also lead to full telemetry nurse jobs down the track.