Temp Agency - Relations

They say you should never lie to your doctor and your lawyer; you can add your temp agency to that list. Yes, make sure your temp agency knows exactly your qualifications and your abilities. Never try to impress them by giving wrong information on your abilities and skills. Temp agencies go by the information you give them ' if you give them wrong information you may end up taking up wrong jobs.

Assessment of soft skills
During the registration process the temp agencies collect information regarding your past work experience. They also try to assess your soft skills and interpersonal skills. So the best thing here is to be honest with your temp agency. By being honest they will be able to send you to right companies that will suit you and probably be successful. Questions for which you have to give honest answers include questions on your past work environment, your preference on job dress code, etc.

Since your temp agency cannot possibly know your strengths and weaknesses regarding your interpersonal skills just by going through your resume, you have got to cooperate with them by being honest with your answers. Secondly, the references you have got speak for your soft skills and temp agencies pay close attention to such references. Temp agencies give as much importance to your soft skills as your hard skills. This is primarily because you have to fit into the work environment and it is just not good enough to know the job.

Wrong placement
There is always the other side to the coin; may be you have not exaggerated about your soft skills or your hard skills, may be you have been totally honest with your temp agency, but still you feel that you have not been given to the right assignment. In such situations too you have to be honest with your agency and communicate to them how you feel about the assignment that you have been given. It is the responsibility of the temp agency to make alternative arrangements as early as possible.

Handling criticism
When you get any feedback or criticism from your employer through your temp agency, you must be able to take it gracefully. You must analyze the feedback and use it to better yourself and fine tune your work habits. This way you will stay on track in terms of making your dreams a reality.

Meeting your temp agency When you decide to make use of a temp agency, approach them in a professional way. Few things to be remembered when you go for an interview to your temp agency:

  • 1. Make an appointment to meet your temp agency representative.
  • 2. Do not make last minute appointments.
  • 3. Ensure you have a well thought resume to be presented to them ' due to circumstances if you were not able to produce a resume, do not make it sound like a huge failure. It is part of your temp agency's responsibility to help you come up with a decent resume.
  • 4. Allow yourself good time with your temp agency ' spend as long as it should take to allow your temp agency to assess you at various levels.
  • 5. Use appropriate dress code that you will use to go to the office. This will help the temp agency representative to assess whether you will need help on 'dressing to win'.