Temporary Employment Agency

A temporary employment agency doesn't mean the agency may have disappeared the next time you visit! The agency is totally permanent but the help you find temporary jobs hence the name.

Don't ever believe anyone who tells you that a temp job is only the first step towards getting a permanent job. That is not true at all. A temp job is usually created when an employee goes away for a short duration and will definitely be returning in due course of time. This is when the company hires a temporary employee or a contract employee. At the end of the duration of the contract you will be asked to leave. This and only this is the truth! You could also try to turn your temp job to permanent.

Applying:Look for an agency that deals with companies that work in your field of interest. There is no point wasting time applying to temporary employment agency that deals with advertising companies when you are looking for a software professional's job.

Another thing you need to remember is that temporary employment is not all that ignored. There are a huge number of people who want a temp job so you will definitely have competition. Students generally prefer such jobs for their final year projects etc. Some agencies may never get back to you but don't lose hope. There are some that honestly put in some effort to find you a job.

The agencies terms:You may be shocked to know that the agencies fees for finding you a job is double of your pay. Some agencies will charge you a month's salary and the company that hires you the same. Well that's how it is so the sooner you accept it the better it will be for you.

Like we mentioned earlier, there almost no chance of you being offered a permanent position in the company. This may be due to reasons like the project not continuing or a permanent employee being suitable for the post and willing to take it up. But there is a remote chance that none of these things happen and the company would like to hire you. However don't rejoice so soon. Most temporary employment agencies put in a clause in their agreement saying to make things rough for you. They may either charge the company a huge amount because it was through them that you were referred. Or they may have a clause that the company simply may not hire a temporary employee. In the first case, where the company has to pay the agency to get you, you will really have to be worth the trouble and the fee. Otherwise wouldn't they just go ahead and hire some third person that can do your job to fill in your vacancy.

Being a temporary employee has its benefits as well as disadvantages. It is most suitable or people who are planning a move or are studying. For those who are planning to move to different place, such jobs are ideal because they won't have to deal with the minimum term of service contracts etc. For students, these jobs provide work experience, decent project work and to top all that, a pay too.