The best entry level jobs

best entry level jobs

Entry level is sometimes considered the toughest time in a working life, with reason. The push to get a job is countered by the apparent brick wall of what you need to get one.

This has produced some typically useless urban mythology: You need experience to get a job, but how do you get a job when you can't get the experience? The answer is, you get an entry level job to gain the experience.

Entry level jobs, by definition, aren't jobs for experienced people. These are the jobs where you're supposed to start getting your experience. Good entry level jobs are truly priceless. They're the jobs that will launch your career, if you handle them properly, and lead to better ones.

The best entry level jobs are run by employers who have good career programs that run from the ground level up. These employers run their training themselves, know what they want, and put career tracks in their organizations in place to make sure they get what they want.

These employers tend to use the top of the range, modern employment models. They're systematic in their hiring, and they operate by getting staff literally from entry level, and raising them up through qualifications, to get the sort of professional staff they need. They regularly run entry level hiring operations and will pick the best candidates they can find. They also hire interns, and will pick up their best interns as employees in many cases.

Many people are completely unaware of the entry level programs operated by some of the top employers in the US and elsewhere. That's partly because some of the employers are so well known that they don't really need to advertise. They get a lot of inquiries from people in their industries who desperately want to work with them.

The entry level jobs are totally fair and open to anyone. The employers want the best people, and that's the bottom line. You could find yourself working for The New York Times, Bloomberg, or any range of global heavyweights with an entry level job. If you check out, you'll find a range of entry level jobs that are available. The selection is pretty impressive.

There's one basic rule to entry level jobs: don't stop looking. The best entry level jobs are pretty competitive, but so is life as you've probably noticed.

Find all the entry level jobs that interest you and go for as many as you want. Then, start enjoying the benefits of entry level jobs such as:

  • Invaluable experience
  • A big name or two on your resume
  • Real career opportunities

These are the jobs that can help take you where you want to go. Check them out.