The Importance of Protecting Your Identity

Often when you seek a job, you do not think much about protecting your identity until some problems happen to you. This is why it is always better to learn in advance what could be the pitfalls of not protecting your identity and how these could be prevented. The major risks are briefly explained below:

  1. You might loose your identity - your CV describes your life history. It has everything given there that one need to be able to steal and use your identity and use it as his/her own if need be. Make sure that you never add your social security number to it - or the impostor might even take over your credit as well. The identity theft is one of the major crimes in the US and one that you should be extremely careful about.
  2. You might loose your chance to land a good job - it is very much possible that commission-based recruiting agents would find your CV on the Net and pick it up for some 'personal' marketing so they could earn commission. This could clash with your plans and endanger your chances with good companies. Suppose you have applied to Company A and this recruiter would try to 'sell' your CV to them as well - your CV would be rejected on the grounds of the commission that might be due if your were selected.
  3. These 'recruiters' could be circulating your CV without your knowledge and hence over exposing you to employers; the information therein might also be misrepresented, which would sabotage your chances to land a good job. Coming through an ethically challenged recruiter would have you slashed off the list of the employer in no time.

    Your CV might land on the desk of your present employer through this self-appointed 'recruited' - costing you your job.

  4. You might loose your safety - what is someone - and there are enough psychos out there roaming loose - wanted to harm you for no justifiable reason. What if your availability triggers something in the mind of this psycho and the next thing he/she is in your apartment waiting for you? This is why you should always be extremely careful that none of your personal information such as phone number, address, SSN is visible on the CV unless you permit it to be seen. You should always use the cyber-safe version when you upload your CV.
  5. You could loose your job - in case your identification is easily accessible to everybody who seeks it, it might be visible to your present employer as well. What do you think would be the impact on your job, if your present employer sees your CV online indicating you are looking for job? It is very natural in these cases for you to fall from grace and be seen as employer who is a risk to the company, lest you would take the confidential matters from this company to the competitors. It is good to keep in mind here that it is legal in many places to fire an employee for looking for a job while being employed with an organization. So play safe!