The Job Search

Now you are ready and prepared to go job hunting. Organize your schedule and set aside some time everyday to pursue opportunities. Do not be disappointed if you do not bag the first job for which you apply. The more your resume circulates in the market, the greater your chances of finding the right job.

Answer advertisements: Job search engines, newspapers and magazines all have prospective employers advertising open positions and seeking applications.

  • Read the job profile and responsibilities carefully to determine if it is correct for you.
  • Make changes in your resume to draw attention to the match between your skills and the employer's requirements.
  • Make the effort to find out the name and position of the person who will read your application.
  • If the classified ad asks for specific information, be sure to provide it.
  • Follow the employer's directions about the preferred application method.
  • Send a brief, personalized cover letter with each application.
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Network: Every year, a number of job openings are filled even before they can be advertised. Your friends, relatives, ex-coworkers, and neighbors may have inside information about a vacancy for the right job.
  • Make a list of the people in your circle who could be of help in finding the right job.
  • Get acquainted with people who work in your target career field.
  • Make it known that you are job hunting and discuss your needs and skills with the people on your list.
  • Hand out your resume to anyone who seems interested in helping.
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The Upfront Approach: Contact prospective employers directly to achieve success in your job search.
  • Find out the name and position of the Human Resources person at your target company. Then send your resume and cover letter to them.
  • If you get inside information about the possibility of a vacancy, approach the hiring manager by phone or ask for an appointment.
  • Play up your abilities and skills. Make it clear to the employer why you think they should hire you.
  • Send a personal thank-you note to anyone who agrees to meet you or call to thank them.
  • Follow-up on the position by calling every few weeks. The next time a vacancy comes up, the manager will think of you.