The very visible hidden job market

One of the first thing many 'experts' will tell you to do when looking for a job is look for the advertised job. This method has two issues which almost always make this type of job search fail:

  • The 'Help Wanted' section is usually the last place employers use to find employees
  • The signs and radio ads are usually a despirate attempt to fill immediate needs

The main reason this method fails is because 1,000 people just like you are seeing the same signs and applying for the same handful of jobs. The jobs you want to aim for are the unadvertised jobs.

How do you go about finding the hidden jobs? Remember that up to 85% of all job openings are not advertised. Many of these jobs will come from one of the following sources:

  • New job creation
  • Employees leaving
  • Promotions

All companies will be hiring at some point within a six month time span. The trick to finding the hidden job opening is having your name in front of the employer at some point in that time. The solution is to realize that you are not simply 'filling a hole' in the ranks, but solving a problem for the employer instead.

Solve the Problem

Employers hate problems. Employers will seek out any way to solve their problems. If a person came along and offered a solution to the employers problem, that person would be accepted very quickly. You need to be the person who offers a solution to an employers problem.

How do you solve a problem you aren't aware of?

  • Know your skills - your skills will fit the needs of certain employers
  • Know your community - your community is filled with employers seeking answers
  • Look for the problem - seek out employers who can use your skills

Once you do this, you have a solution which simply needs a problem to solve. Finding the unadvertised jobs will be easier when you simply offer your skills to the right employer. This is done by limiting your search to specific companies and work which your skills can fit into. If you can garden, look for work in landscaping or garden centers. If you can build something, contractors are always looking for help.

Finding the hidden jobs is a simple matter of making employers aware of your skills and how these skills can help solve their problem. Having a problem solving, skills oriented resume will help do this. Marketing yourself as someone with specific skills available will also help find the hidden jobs. If you do this long enough, employers will seek you out if you haven't found one which needs you by then.