Tips for Defining Your Career Objective and Career Goals

When you are deciding what the best career would be for you, it's important to clearly define your goals and objectives are. In order to do so, you may find the following tips helpful.


First, decide what you like to do. Enjoying your work is more important that making lots of money doing something you hate. Think about it; you will most likely spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week working this job. You don't want to spend your work time watching the clock or your off time dreading when you will have to go back to work. Usually things you like to do are also things you are good at doing. But you'll also have to consider what is marketable. So if your hobbies are putting together model airplanes and playing on the computer, the second one clearly offers you more marketable skills than the first. Consider all the career options currently available to people who have computer knowledge. You could design the computer games you love so much. You could help create a web site that promotes a particular computer game. You could also market cheat codes for gamers. Really the possibilities are endless. All you have to do is recognize what it is that you like to do that a company or organization would also be willing to pay you good money to do, and you're on your way to a rewarding career that makes you excited about going to work every day.


Along with what you enjoy doing, you also want to think about what you would like to learn. Every job gives you a chance to learn something you didn't know before. So choosing a career path that will give you an opportunity to learn and grow is very beneficial. Also, some careers will require you to have a certain level of education before you can be considered for a job in that field. Do some research to determine if you need to attend technical training courses, get an associates or even a bachelor's degree. If your career does require you to take some classes, figure out where you can go to get these classes and enroll. Look into financial aid as well as online school options in order to make it more affordable and convenient for you. Get started as soon as possible and don't let anything stand in your way.

Self Employment

Most people ultimately dream of working for themselves. Part of the American dream is being your own boss. You, too, can attain this goal if your work hard and gain the knowledge and experience you need to run a successful business. Usually you will want to be an expert in your field with some background in running a business. As you work your way up the ladder, make sure to take leadership positions and learn as much as you can about how successful businesses work. Everything you learn will be beneficial, so make sure you are willing to do everything from customer service and accounting to sales and advertising since all these will be crucial components for your own business. Take the opportunity to ask questions and gain as much knowledge as you can from others who have more experience than you. Mentors can cut years off your learning curve.

Once you have clearly defined your career objectives and goals, you should be able to boil them down into one or two sentences that you could include in a resume. Re-evaluate your progress and update your goals and objectives periodically so that you are always challenging yourself and moving forward with your career.