Tips for desperate job seekers: Handling depression

Some lifestyle choices just aren't right for some people. They're destructive, and often highly stressful. They have a major health impact, and they contribute to the problems of depression. In some cases, they're even considered major causes of depression.

For job seekers who are now asking 'What lifestyle? I can't even afford to think about a lifestyle!' there's your answer, to some extent. What do you add to your lifestyle, realistically, that helps? What are you sure you can do without, in your lifestyle? Sometimes, it's your environment. Being in the wrong environment is a natural stress factor.

Even people in jobs get severe stress causing depression, and that's a lifestyle issue. They're in the wrong places, and in the wrong jobs, doing things that create more stress and aggravate the depression. The same applies to job seekers.

So the depression survivors work on modifying their lifestyle, and getting out of the zone of destruction. This can mean big changes, but it works in terms of getting rid of a lot of aggravating factors.


Anyone who's ever had depression will tell you that stress was a main working factor of their depression, with some reason. It's not the only cause of depression, but it definitely contributes. People with depression use stress management techniques as much as possible. They're easy enough to learn, and with practice, become normal ways of coping with stress. That reduces the battering from stress, and contributes a lot to recovery and peace of mind.

Basic health

A common factor in depression is that general health is run down prior to onset. The lifestyle factor is considered to be a primary issue, and improvements in basic health are also often linked to major lifestyle changes. Sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise, and poor diet are the usual culprits.

Job seekers, on the receiving end of the stresses of their job hunting, have to reduce stress and strains on their health. It's common sense. The job seekers who change their lifestyles and improve their basic health are also in better condition to handle these situations. Ironically, having the time to deal with such basic issues is often a positive effect for job seekers.