Tips for desperate job seekers: Where to find jobs fast

Casual work: Not for everybody, but some casual jobs have high turnovers of people, for that reason. If you're prepared to stick with it, you can get work on a semi-regular basis.

Day labor: This is tough work, but like casual, if you click with this sort of work, you get invited back for more. You can get jobs working in a range of areas from construction to landscaping, and they pay reasonably well.

Temp agencies: Most people looking for full-time work don't think "temp," and that's where the big gaps in the work record tend to happen. These can be the cream of job agencies, perfect for people who want jobs in a hurry, because they work for employers who want people in a hurry. Temp agencies can be your ticket out of the jungle, if you have the right skills. Admin, clerical, some IT, secretarial, and other office jobs are their stock in trade.

Sales jobs: Not for the faint hearted, but bona fide sales jobs do deliver. It is quite possible to find an unexpectedly good job in sales, and the other big advantage is that you can find out if you're suited pretty quickly, without making major commitments of time.

Project administration: Because people tend to over specialize their job searches, they also tend to forget that projects employ huge numbers of people in the admin area. So they don't even think about, let alone look at projects. Project jobs can provide full-time work for several years in some cases, and they can be very good for your CV or resume. Some of these jobs are handled exclusively by temp agencies, too.

Self employment: This might get a wry smile out of some readers, but what's to stop you? If you can turn a skill into a paying business, why not? Do you know your skills? Would you hire yourself? There's a fairly good chance that you do and you would. This is how many businesses start. You can start now, by picking up a phone and placing an ad. Quick enough?

Jobs can be found and jobs can be created. Never assume you can't get work. It's where you look that matters.