Tips for new job seekers: Finding the right job fit

  • a big team?
  • a small team?
  • working alone?

Do you like:

  • customer contact?
  • face-to-face interactions?
  • advisory jobs?
  • office jobs?

Do you prefer:

  • a structured workplace?
  • self management?
  • being able to get advice when you need it?

Do you like:

  • a busy environment?
  • a quiet environment?

Are you:

  • an introvert?
  • an extrovert?
  • a bit of both?

Do you feel comfortable:

  • with responsibility for others?
  • with no responsibility?

This is a very good way of clearly defining what you want in a job. It can be a reliable guide to finding the right job for you, too. Each of these criteria defines a particular work environment. Your preferences are the best indicators of a job where you'll be happiest.

Generally, you can find these jobs by comparing job criteria with preferences. Please note that what you don't like is just as important as what you do like. A good fit will be overwhelmingly positive. You're your own best guide to your dream job.