Tips for new job seekers: Orientation

The job market, to start with, is a generic term, and the job market in your area is a related environment. All industries have their own special circumstances, and these are the real issues in your job hunting.

You need to know:

  • How your industry is performing.
  • Career options in your industry.
  • What jobs are in demand.
  • Which are the best employers.
  • What employers are looking for, in your job niche.

People know at least some of this stuff, go for jobs, and wonder why they don't get them. These are the main reasons. Sometimes, in a career sense, they get the wrong jobs, the ones that don't go where they want to go. The chances of wasting time and effort are high, and must be avoided.

Job hiring methods

Not all industries use a strictly formal hiring method. Most jobs, in fact, are filled without advertisement. It saves employers time and money. In many cases they use recruiters, knowing a vacancy is coming up, and those jobs just don't make it to advertisement.

You need:

  • A recruiter specializing in your field.
  • A good professional network.
  • Information from cold canvassing.
  • Good information about vacancies from direct contact with employers.

There's an important difference between contact with employers and cold canvassing. If you're in contact over time with an employer, having expressed interest in the company, you tend to get better information. Cold canvassing does work, but is often a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Cold canvassing also builds up a set of contacts.

The job ads

Learning how to understand job ads is very important. This is the wide, deep ocean of the job market, often cursed as inefficient by both job hunters and employers, but it does get people jobs.

You need to know:

  • How to read job ads so you can be selective and recognize the right ones.
  • How to read job ads so you can produce a good job application.
  • How to understand job criteria.
  • How to provide useful, standout information in response to a job ad.

People waste a lot of time and effort responding to job ads. The only job ads you need to see are the ones that can deliver.

We'll go through all this in more detail for you in the next sections.