Tips when job hunting at a Casino

The casino job application form consists of a many folios. The form includes:

  • List of previous employers with their contact information as far back as 8 to 10 years
  • List of your qualifications and where you obtained it
  • Your abilities and any other schooling or workshops attended
  • Membership of clubs and organizations
  • Places where you stayed for the past 8 to 10 years.
  • Reasons for periods of unemployment
  • Proof of right to stay and work in America. You can use your driver's licence, passport, visa, birth certificate or social security number as proof
  • You must indicate a willingness to undergo drug testing on your casino job application form. This is now a standard procedure and casinos indicate this in their communication with prospective employees. You must pass the test.
  • All questions must be answered in the casino job application form and all requested documentation supplied. Your application will not be considered if the form is incomplete.

Before you complete the casino job application form, go over the vacancies posted at the casino's personnel division. There are normally many openings at the well-known casinos and hotels. The casinos have full details on all available positions including the hourly rate, shifts and prerequisites. Make sure that you indicate which positions you prefer. Your application details should correspond with the requirements. If there is no opening for the job that you apply for, then indicate similar jobs. Don't be shy rather ask the human resources officer for assistance when you are unsure before applying for something you don't know anything about. Follow the procedures and guidelines provided by the casino for applications.

License requirements
Some of the casino areas require a gambling license. These areas include Atlantic City and Nevada. Each of the states in America has a gaming control body, where you can apply for a license. The employer makes the arrangements for the license and will guide you through the process. The cost is normally for the employee and you should save about to for that purpose. You may also need to find a temporary job while you wait for your license approval. The license is valid for three years and everyone who works on the casino floor must have one.

Review of your past
The casinos do extensive examinations of the backgrounds of prospective employees, including reviews of previous employment, medical history, traffic offences, and credit records for the past 8 to 10 years. Applicants with bad credit and driving records as well as criminal offences cannot get employment as dealers. If you fall in one of these categories or have a history of instability then rather apply for other positions at the casino.

You will be expected to sign a form for permission of an investigation into your past, whereby they may contact your references and research your character and previous work history as well. You may even have to provide information on your family. These however are standard features of a casino job application form. The reason for this background investigation is to prevent swindlers, drug or gambling addicted persons, and thieves from entering the casino job market. They have to protect their image, clients, and cash. The employers may call you for in-depth interviews before hiring you. If you know something from your past may influence their judgement then declare it beforehand. They will appreciate it, and might after your explanation, still consider you for employment.