Transportation Dispatcher Job Search Tips

As a transportation dispatcher, you will be responsible for keeping track of all the firm’s vehicles on the road, including their current positions, their destinations and the routes they are to take. If there are any changes in route to be made, you will have to update the driver(s). You will be communicating with the drivers as well as clients. Considering such a wide skill set is required, it is no surprise that vacant transportation dispatcher jobs are numerous. The best part is, you don’t need any special degree for the job. Here’s how you go about looking for a job.

Practice the Tests

Before a face-to-face interview, you might be required to undergo a battery of tests. When you apply to a firm, find out what those tests will be. They usually involve testing cognitive skills, recalling information you have recently committed to memory, testing your ability to sort and organize things and your ability to perform calmly under pressure, among other things. Mastering these tests before you are confronted with them as a part of the selection process will ease your job search. You can find most of these tests online.

Ask Your College to Help

College students might be helped by their college’s placement board. If your college has one, send in a letter requesting them to help you acquire a transportation dispatcher job. The placement board should be more than happy to help out, making your search easier.

Apply to Transportation and Warehousing Industries

Any firm that has a lot of trucks or vehicles that it uses to move around goods is a good bet for a transportation dispatcher job. Apply to all such companies that you can find. A good professional network will come in handy here. Since the number of dispatchers per firm is extremely limited, getting referenced by someone who holds a position of power in the company will do your prospects a world of good.

Online Sites

Sites like are specially designed to help you find a job that suits your preferences. Bring it up, enter the required details and you are all set for getting a job. Since jobs are posted on a daily basis, you might want to hold out for a couple of days even after you are convinced you have found your dream job. If a job of your liking is listed online, register yourself as a job seeker. Someone who stumbles across your résumé might get in touch with you.

Friends are Important

Professionally, networking takes on a whole new meaning. Maintain touch with people who might be able to refer you for transportation dispatcher jobs in companies. You will have better chances of getting hired if the interviewer has heard of you from someone before.

Don’t restrict your search for a transportation dispatcher job to a single medium. Actively search in all ways mentioned above. It will not only speed up the process, but will also give you more options.