USA - H1B visa - for candians

If you are a Canadian citizen looking for a way to gain employment in the USA working on a TN visa is the easiest way out. There are a few pre-requisites for obtaining this visa but this is much easier to obtain that the HB1 visa and it could serve your purpose well until you find a better alternative.

You will need to fulfill the following pre-requisites to obtain the temporary working TN visa, which would be very helpful for any Canadian citizen who wants to work or do business in the USA.

  1. Job or business offer from USA - In order to be eligible for the temporary working TN visa you will need to hold a valid and verifiable job or business offer from the USA. The company or client would need to send you a petition addressed to the Treaty Officer for your temporary working TN visa. The letter should have all the details about the job or business proposition, your qualifications and any other pertinent details regarding the job and your fit to it.
  2. Filing of temporary working TN visa petition - The filing of the petition with the pertaining authorities would require:
    1. Proof of citizenship
    2. Proof of your qualifications
    3. The fees for the application (US )
    4. Your detailed resume
    5. Application to be done in person at any airport in Canada at the departure time with the US Customs and Immigration authorities
  3. Method of application for a temporary working TN visa - Before you depart you need to inform the customs officer regarding your desire to apply for a temporary working TN visa. You would then be directed to the Treaty Officer who would receive the documents and do the necessary procedures. Be warned that the Treaty Officers are usually intimidating, as they are trained to be so. Maintain your composure, be polite and answer any questions truthfully and in a straight forward fashion. Do not be defensive, angry or irritated at the questions put to you, rather cooperate to the largest extent feasible to make the process as smooth as possible.
  4. Be prepared for the interview with the Treaty Officer - Treat this as you treat any interview. Be professionally dressed, impeccably groomed, extra polite in your answers, confident in your attitude (be careful about what your body language transmits) and have all the facts clearly recorded in your mind. Equally important is that you have all the required documentation ready. The temporary working TN visa, as its name indicates is temporary by nature and hence you would need to inform the authorities that your stay in USA is temporary. If your qualifications match those that are required in USA under this provision (accountants, engineers, librarians, etc) the award of the temporary working TN visa is almost guaranteed. Be sure you know what the qualifications in demand are. It is very important that you have concrete proof of such qualifications.
  5. Be informed - Ensure that you are aware of the latest development on obtaining the temporary working TN visa so you will not face any unpleasant surprises during the interview.