Veterinary Technician Job Search Tips

Veterinary technician job search tips can lead to success in finding a job after graduation. The field of veterinary medicine is growing, and this creates a need for qualified veterinary technicians to fill key spots at animal-care clinics around the world. Veterinary technicians can increase their chances of getting good jobs by following these tips.

Get the Right Training to Be a Vet Technician

First and foremost, when considering a career as a veterinary technician, choose training and education that will lead to more opportunities. That means earning a degree from an accredited vet technician school. You can find a good school by searching nearby colleges and universities and by contacting local veterinary clinics and asking from where they recruit. Go with a school that has a good reputation and a high rate of employment following graduation for the best results in your vet technician job search.

Develop a Professional Veterinary Technician Resume

A key aspect of searching for any job, including a job as a veterinary technician, is developing a professional-looking resume. For the best results, be sure to take the time to create a resume using a template designed for the medical and health industry. Include all information about your background as it relates to your work with animals or in clinical settings. A solid veterinary technician resume should include work history, education, several professional references and a list of specialized skills you have in veterinary care.

Join Veterinary Technician Associations

An effective way to find a job as a veterinary technician is to become a member of one or more veterinary associations. These are organizations that strive for excellence within the field of veterinary medicine, and they also promote the hiring of new vet techs. Many associations like this hold regular meetings, which you can attend for free to meet representatives from veterinary clinics around your region. You can gain many more opportunities this way. You can also find mentors among the more experienced veterinary professionals, which will increase your chances of getting hired.

Get Involved in Voluntary Work and Internships as a Vet Tech

Another good way to be in the right place at the right time when seeking work as a veterinary technician is by getting involved in voluntary work and internships. There are many animal shelters and rescue groups that need the support of a vet tech throughout the year. While you are searching for the perfect vet tech job, you can be serving your community as a volunteer and helping animals. You may even be able to find paid internship opportunities with local veterinary clinics that are understaffed. This will help you to get more professional references when you start interviewing. As an intern, you may also be asked to stay on permanently. In addition, you could develop valuable relationships with people who will refer you to other vet clinics that are hiring, which speeds up the process of finding a job as a veterinary technician.