Virtual Assistant Job Search Tips

Virtual assistant job searches, are best done selectively, looking after your own best interests. You can do a lot to improve your job options and your career by finding the right job, and getting the best returns on your investment of time and effort.

Issues and Considerations

These jobs are easy enough to find, but finding a good job is another matter. Virtual assistant jobs tend to be basic admin work, with varying levels of pay, and scope for developing skills can be limited. That doesn’t help you much when you’re putting together a resume. A good virtual assistant job can provide a wide range of portable skills.

To add some further levels of difficulty, there are a huge number of virtual assistant jobs advertised online. For efficiency, you need to set some standards when searching:

Target Your Job Search

You will need to be able to reduce your choices down to only the best available positions. Don’t confine yourself to searching only for a particular job description. There are many other ways of narrowing down a search. You can search by location, salary, and include useful keywords like skills in your search so your special skills can be used to help get you the job.


Set Standards


Vague job ads are as useless as they look. Consider only the types of jobs that:

  1. Specify their duties clearly, and don’t use vague language like “other duties” to define additional work
  2. Refer to a definite salary and methods of payment
  3. Explain terms and conditions of employment

Look for Jobs where You have Existing Skills

Stick to known quantities, where you know your way around the job. The last thing you need in a virtual job is to be guessing what you’re supposed to be doing.

Career Options and Considerations

There are good reasons for being fussy about finding the right virtual job, whatever you do for a living. Virtual jobs have some advantages which aren’t obvious, and you can use your virtual job to help you advance your career.

Like any “real” job, virtual jobs use skill sets which are highly portable and can be used to build a career. You can add qualifications to your work as a virtual assistant, and become a fully qualified person in that field, able to get higher paying work.

A virtual assistant accountant, for example, can start off with relatively low skill levels, and by study and working on the job achieve full qualifications. This is comparatively easy to do in virtual jobs, because you’re not confined to the working hours of a day job.

The economics and time management of virtual jobs are far superior to day jobs for people who need to study full time, and can manage their studies to qualify quickly.

You could find yourself with a very favorable situation:

  • New qualifications which allow you to advance your career
  • A built in job with an existing virtual employer who will be prepared to give you higher paying work
  • Many more job opportunities