volunteering as a job search option

You are unemployed, and you are in job search mode. You are out trying all the usual methods available. While the normal methods are always a viable part of the solution, each has its own limitations.

  • Newspapers only carry about 5% of all jobs available.
  • Unemployment Offices only list about 5% of all jobs available.
  • Job Boards and websites offer another 5%, if they are in your area.
  • Walking the streets handing your CV to anyone in charge of hiring will hit a much larger percentage, but then you need to explain how long you have been unemployed and why.

So, what is the better way? Is there a better solution? There is networking and volunteering while jobless. While networking will allow you access to a broader range of contacts, volunteering during unemployment will help provide a greater range of results.

Volunteering and Job Searches

Volunteering while being unemployed may seem like a waste of valuable time and energy. But volunteering during a jobless spell does provide advantages to the job search. How does volunteering during unemployment help with the job search?

  • Provides a wider network of contacts
  • Provides a wider range of opportunities for employment
  • Makes use of skills while gaining knowledge and more skills
  • Shows a self-motivated attitude which is a positive asset to employers

Beyond being an advantage during the job search, what other possible benefits does volunteering provide?

  • The chance to improve upon skills which may have been dormant - this may lead to other options not considered in your job search
  • The chance to experience different jobs - this may lead to a new career
  • Takes your mind off of being jobless - this effectively gives you a break from the constant stress of needing to find a job.
  • Provides a positive outlet for built up energy - frustration, anxiety, and a feeling of being needed all can build up; volunteering allows an outlet for some of the overflow.
  • Gives you something to look forward to - when unemployed, most people can't find a positive point in their life; volunteering can provide a positive moment during the day or week.
  • Gives you a reality check - when you are unemployed you tend to think it can't get worse. Volunteering can show you how fortunate you may really be.
  • Provides a sense of belonging - when a person becomes jobless, they lose a part of themselves; volunteering helps return a portion of that part.

Volunteering as a job search option can create a variety of positive results in regards to new opportunities and options which may not have been available through other means of job searching.