Well Paying Jobs: Important Changes and Trends

The new job market has opened up a whole new range of opportunities for people looking for top-notch jobs, and for those trying to get their careers moving. Well paying jobs are now far more accessible if you know what to look for, and how to look for them.

The definition of a well paying job needs some work to accurately express it. There's a myth about well paid jobs that the salary defines the value of the job. The well paying jobs are usually seen as being graduate, professional jobs. That is definitely not the whole story.

The top salaried jobs in the US are all medical jobs, like surgeons, GPs, orthodontists, etc., but that's a very narrow field in the emerging employment market. In other forms of work, including sub-degree career jobs, well paying jobs are actually far more common, and can even earn more than these salaries.

The nature of the employment market is revaluing the definition of well paying jobs. In sales jobs, commission can pay well above salaries in retainers and salaries. Consultants and project managers, and others like them are among the top paying jobs in the world, and they're based on multimillion dollar contracts. These are generally in the professional job range, but interestingly, the 'more pay for better skills' approach seems to be redeveloping the office jobs, too.

Ironically, for once, the changes in the employment market have opened the floodgates for very good, well paying jobs across the board. The fluid nature of the new job market is creating types of jobs that didn't exist previously. These are jobs with a lot of upside for career prospects.

In practice, the new job market has created a far more realistic approach to global employment issues. The fact is that jobs are now much less fixed, and far less stable. The entire job market is restructuring into a skills market. The 'steady job' of the past is receding into history, fast.

This has been a quiet revolution in the job market, and for career purposes, the opportunities have greatly improved for most people with basic qualifications, as well as graduates. Most of the old 'office jobs' like administration, accounts, customer service, and the broad range of white collar jobs, have now morphed into good portable jobs, across the range of these new markets.

That, in turn, has greatly improved career prospects for many. The 'steady job' was also a coffin for some careers. A combination of stagnation and lack of opportunities could hold people's careers back for decades. These jobs actually prevented people from getting well paying jobs and advancing their careers effectively.

The big difference is that the old concept of having to look for work on the same levels, and make the old slight upward moves in careers is on the way out. Strong skills, determination, and some patience will find you a well paying job.