What am I doing wrong with my job hunting?

What's wrong is likely to be very findable, and very fixable, if you know where to look. There are three basic streams where the problems are most likely.

  • CV or resume problems

Everybody has problems with their CV or resume. Nobody produces a perfect CV or resume the first time. Even professional CV and resume writers always do a few drafts, and consult with clients before producing a high quality document. Good CVs and resumes are the result of refining them like this, and knowing how to target them to the jobs for which you apply.

The fix is simple, and very effective. Consult with a professional about your current resume or CV, and get some feedback. Also get feedback from any jobs you apply for, and find out what went wrong if you're not getting interviews. Rework the whole thing until you're sure it's up to standard.

Never keep working with a CV or resume that isn't getting results.

  • Job search methods and selecting jobs

Job search is a matter of targeting jobs which suit your skills. It's a common mistake to assume that having worked in one area, you have to go for jobs in that same area. In practice, you're no more likely to be successful in going for jobs in that sector than you would be in others. Don't assume that'once an admin person, always an admin person' is a good search mindset.

The fix is to always target your strongest skills, where you can show high levels of achievement and performance. If you have a specialty, target that. If you have a particular set of qualifications, search the qualifications, not a job description. This reduces the possibility of error and going for jobs where you're not suitable.

  • Interview techniques

At the top of the list for reliable reasons for not getting jobs, after the job search processes, are interview technique problems. Lack of experience or training is the normal reason for this situation. But, if you're going for a lot of interviews and not getting results, you do have a problem.

The fix isn't necessarily easy, but it is very doable. You need feedback from your interviewers to pin down the problems. A mistake at one interview might be no big deal, but repeated mistakes are more likely to be the problem. You will need training, and in some cases professional assistance, to solve the problem.