What are the advantages and disadvantages of temping ?

Temping agencies are thriving with the increasing openings for temp jobs . More and more companies are learning the advantages of utilizing the temporary work force. Temping, previously what used to be reserved for clerical support today has spread to all fields. Temp jobs have become the predominant means through which college and school freshers gain access to their permanent job . Temp jobs however have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Looking into the advantages of temp jobs:
Temp jobs will expose you to various businesses, organizations, give you access to people from different fields giving you broad experience that help you acquire many new skills , making you versatile.

You will also be able to gain entry into prestigious companies which you otherwise would not have entered even in your dreams as a permanent employee. Temp jobs also give you lot of freedom to manage your time the way you like. You can decide when to work and how long to work depending on monetary needs. Above all, all temp jobs bring you a world of new lessons that you could not have possibly learnt by being in single permanent job and helps you build your resume .

Looking into the disadvantages of temp jobs:

On the other hand, temp jobs might become your source of frustration. In spite of your rich experience you always feel you are a second-class employee, sometimes even feel inferior to the permanent employees in the organization. There is a possibility that you feel out of place in your temp job. Another disadvantage with temp jobs is that by the time you really settle with the job, it is already time to look for the next job. Some times you may have to forego benefits that are exclusive for permanent staff. If you have been on temp jobs you would have also learnt that you get very little guidance and attention in terms of learning the new job. Temp jobs also make you feel insecure and unimportant.