What kind of jobs are offered in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has multiplicity with its huge dissimilarities between the Island and the New Territories. The Island has an extremely exciting, frenzied and active culture while the New Territories are more harmonious, calm and quiet. The variety in Hong Kong attracts foreign companies and people by the thousands. There are numerous jobs in Hong Kong for highly skilled workers.

The level of education is very high. Their command of English is excellent because they start learning the language in pre-school. The demand for English teachers is overwhelming from pre-school right through to university level. The minimum requirement for an English teacher is a diploma and TEFL qualification and a basic understanding of Cantonese or Mandarin.

Almost half the households have pc's, making Hong Kong one of the largest employers in the IT industry. It is estimated that the current number of employees in the IT sector will double within the next few years. They are looking for highly skilled persons for programming, network specialists and application managers. The minimum requirement in the IT industry for jobs in Hong Kong is a diploma in a computer related field.

People who have degrees in engineering have many opportunities for finding jobs in Hong Kong since there are 25 different types of engineering sectors. The trade magazines for engineers are the best sources to consult. Computer literacy and some understanding of their languages will be an advantage.

Sources of employment
The best sources to find jobs in Hong Kong are the Internet, newspapers, and trade magazines. The Hong Kong newspapers run classified job advertisements twice a week. The Ta Kung Pau is an excellent source of information regarding work. The Yellow Pages is very useful in locating schools and trade organizations.

Living conditions
The living costs are high and their currency is strong. Apartments are expensive but many of the corporations provide foreign workers with accommodation, health benefits, and fitness center memberships. Some of the companies grant loans to new employees for deposits on the apartments. The pace is fast and there are millions of people to compete with, even to just getting a seat on the bus. You will find long rows and little personal space while the weather plays its part in creating stress.

The city center
Even though it only covers a small area, Hong Kong is one of the eight commercial centers in the world regarding investment, IT, and tourism. Millions of people visit Hong Kong every year. Its airport is perfectly located and can handle thousands of visitors.

The culture
The people are friendly but always seem in a hurry. White and black are two colors associated with mourning and should be avoided when you present someone with a gift. Gold as well as yellow colors are regarded as symbolic of wealth and success. When you are in someone's office or home, don't move any furniture or ornaments, for they may have placed it there because of a special belief. When you eat with chopsticks, you should never cross them or stick them up in a bowl of rice. Lay them down next to each other.

Visa Requirements
Americans don't need a residence visa for the first three months of their stay. US citizens who want to stay longer should apply at the Hong Kong consulate in America before they embark on their trip. Finding jobs in Hong Kong is not the difficult part, but obtaining a residence and work visa require that you are highly qualified in a specific area where there is a shortage of skills and knowledge.