What to Avoid When Looking for Well Paying Jobs

The lure of well paying jobs drives careers and career mythology. There's a difference between jobs that actually pay well and those that claim to pay well.

On Target Earnings (OTE)

Some jobs advertise On Target Earnings (OTE) which are basically fictional, based on calculations on real returns. This is a very common recruitment practice for 'cannon fodder' jobs like commission-only sales, online sales and many bogus product pitches on the net.

*It's also illegal according to advertising laws. If you've got actual proof of a misleading job ad, complain to the job board webmaster. The job boards don't want these creating problems for them, either. You can also complain to your Department of Labor. Nobody has much patience with these frauds.

Everybody's heard the old stories of the so-called encyclopedia sales job that left someone starving and unable to pay their rent. Those stories were perfectly true, and the current rash of fictional payment rates are the current version.

OTE are based on projected earnings on a rate of sales. That's perfectly correct. What's misleading is the implied statement that these are rates of pay which are actually achieved. In theory, a car salesman who sells a million cars is a multi-millionaire. There aren't a lot of multi-millionaire car salesmen. It's misleading on the basis of actual industry performance.

Hyped up sales and commissions

The same approach applies to a range of sales jobs which are big on enthusiasm, yet very shallow and incredibly vague about returns. The range of very avoidable jobs includes practically any form of Internet business. You need to check any ad thoroughly for suspect information the minute you see anything about 'fantastic earnings,' if it's presented as a legitimate job ad.

The general rule is the more adjectives and the fewer actual figures, the more suspicious you should be. Don't believe a word unless it has an actual wage built in somewhere. Some sales jobs have retainers, but they tend to be for proven salespeople, not recruits.

Entrepreneurial schemes and franchises

High on the list of alleged jobs that are scams even in theory, are the 'business buying' types of jobs. These are also supposed to be very high paying jobs, for geniuses or better. For a sufficient outlay you can be the proud owner of a 'business' which is basically a brochure. Franchises, in particular, are notorious for this approach. These claim to be the latest things in anything from camel grooming to tadpole sales, and they're utterly useless. They're also usually very expensive.

If you're looking at one of these, start by assuming it's all garbage. If you want to check it out, don't ask anyone related to the advertiser. As usual, ignore testimonials. Check it out through the industry. You'd think all this mega success would have been noticed by someone. Stay cool and get facts.