Where to find information about jobs in Taiwan

There are a number of reliable Job sources in Taiwan that a you can use for Finding jobs in Taiwan. The English newspapers list new job postings every week. They can be bought at newsstands or cafes in Taiwan or you can subscribe:

    China PostChina News Taipei Times

If you are looking for Job sources in Taiwan with regard to teaching, you can contact one of the following institutions:

Private Schools

Morrison Christian Academy

The school requires a Master's degree but provides a three-year employment contract with many benefits such as airfare for the teacher and his or her family. They prefer Anglophones with a North American accent.

Hess Language School

The minimum requirement is a four-year degree, some teaching experience, and fluency in English. It is an elementary school with children of all age groups. They offer a one year employment contract and several benefits including: bonuses, assistance with visa and work permits, leave, help with finding accommodation, cultural orientation and assistance from the moment that you arrive.

Taipei American School

The minimum requirement for teaching at the school is a Bachelor's degree in the subject you wish to teach and experience in overseas teaching. They offer airfare, paid leave, disability and health insurance, as well as a retirement plan. They employ mostly North Americans.

English Language School International

They prefer teachers with North American accents. The minimum requirement is a Bachelor's degree and 130 hours of TEFL training.

Kids Castle English Language Schools

It is a franchise group with teaching opportunities at several schools throughout Taiwan.

Taipei Teacher Brokers

They act as job agents, but many of them only scan the newspapers and arrange for interviews. You can save a lot of money by doing it yourself.

The following Job sources in Taiwan can also be used to find other related positions:

  • http://www.boca.gov.tw
  • http://www.bacsuk.org.uk
  • http://www.edunet.taipei.gov.tw

Princeton Internships

Approximately 75 internships are annually available through Princeton for all types of college graduates. Applicants must be fluent in English and willing to pay for their trip to Princeton for an interview.


There is a demand for blonde models to play in commercials. You will not make as much money as with teaching, but can use it as an extra income. Contact New Face Modeling Agency in Taiwan for more information:

Other Job sources in Taiwan include billboards and community advertisement boards at supermarkets and schools.