Why do you want to find employment in the UK

Fact or Fantasy

People choose to move and work in the UK for many reasons, these may include the belief that:

  • The streets are paved with gold - i.e. lots of wealth to share around
  • There is low unemployment and great work opportunities
  • Tolerant multi-cultural society
  • Health care free to all who come here
  • Free state school education
  • Benefits system for the unemployed
  • Free housing for the homeless
  • Low taxes
  • Great history and character

There is an element of truth to all the above statements (with the exception of the gold paved streets of course) but BEWARE, it is only an element. There are rules, pros and cons and FREE benefits/health care do not apply to ALL, as many believe.

Before making the UK your number 1 destination, do your research. Make sure you know exactly what you are entitled to, based on the planned duration of your stay.

Take into consideration who may visit you from abroad and how they may also be affected while here. Whether they plan to also work in the UK or not, you need to know what health care they may be entitled to in case they fall ill while here.


One source I have found that seems fairly comprehensive and retails for just ?14 is here, though there are plenty of free sources on the web! www.ukimmigrate.co.uk/.

The site details say this:

'How to arrive and thrive in the UK' is also very useful to anyone only considering the UK as an emigration destination. It allows you to fully explore and gauge all your prospects. Whether these are your visa options, employment possibilities or accommodation needs.

This site: www.statistics.gov.uk/glance/ offers free access to data produced by the Office for National Statistics, government departments and devolved administrations. Check it out for the latest figures on unemployment, crime, housing, population etc.

This site: neighbourhood.statistics.gov.uk/ gives information relating to specific postcode areas. Some topics include details on:

  • Access to Services
  • Crime and Safety
  • Economic Deprivation
  • Education, Skills and Training
  • Health and Care
  • Housing
  • Work Deprivation

This link: www.direct.gov.uk/en/RightsAndResponsibilities/Citizensandgovernment/DG_10015894 will provide you with information and other links that pertain to legal issues, rights and responsibilities of coming to visit, study or work in the UK.

Meanwhile to address a few of those points above:

The streets of London are paved with Gold

This of course is not the case, and many know it. But generally it is thought that the UK holds great opportunities to be economically successful. Depending on where you are now in the world this may be true by comparison. But be aware that competition for some types of work may be fierce. Do not come to the UK expecting to land a job within weeks or even months.

Tolerant multi-cultural society

The UK is a multi-cultural society, though how diverse it is depends on where in the UK you live. Generally the large cities are populated with a great mix of nationalities but this can be much less diverse in smaller towns and villages.

Free Health care to all

Immediate emergency medical treatment is free to all regardless of who you are or where you live in the world etc. BUT other forms of care are not necessarily free.

In 2003 certain changes were due to be implemented with regard to who got what free in the UK. Changes were to be as follows: (See here direct from site)

'The Main points

  • Failed asylum seekers to lose free treatment
  • Resident foreign businessmen to pay for visiting relatives' health costs
  • Their non-resident wives no longer able to travel to Britain to give birth on the NHS
  • Overseas students to be exempt from charges
  • British pensioners to be able to live abroad within Europe for six months a year and still return for free NHS treatment
  • Regulations to specify how people without an NHS number prove their status to hospital staff'

So who does get FREE medical treatment? To find out what type of health care you would qualify for in your circumstances see here:www.avert.org/freenhs.htm.

Before you decide to hop on a plane and apply for work in the UK, do your research!