Work-at-Home Data Entry Job Search Tips

A work-at-home data entry job search can be quite confusing and time consuming. Data entry jobs are a major part of job listings, and the types of work can vary considerably.

Finding Work-at-Home Data Entry Jobs Online

The simplest approach to finding work-at-home data entry jobs is to avoid searching the general data entry jobs. You need to focus on the work-at-home job category and avoid the huge numbers of results that a search term like “data entry” can produce on the big job boards.

The best way to do this is to use terms that make sure that you’re starting with work-at-home jobs. A word like “telecommuting” is very useful for that purpose. If you search “telecommuting,” you automatically exclude other types of job. It will also pick up similar terms. “Remote” is another term sometimes used, but it’s not as common.

Specialist sites are also extremely useful. There’s one big US site,, that specializes in work-at-home jobs, with information about types of work and useful pointers for those looking for jobs of this kind.

Some online contractors also operate in the work-at-home data entry job field, acting as outsourcing contractors, doing administration and similar types of work for their clients. These are good options if you’re looking for a work-at-home data entry job because that’s exactly the sort of job they provide to their clients.

Checking Out Work-at-Home Data Entry Jobs

When you find your work-at-home data entry job, the next stage is to make sure you’re getting the job you want.

The job ad should specify:

  • Types of work involved: There can be other administrative duties involved in work-at-home data entry jobs, including database management and other related areas. The job ads vary in quality and detail, and sometimes these things are “extras” attached to the basic data entry role.
  • Payment arrangements and rates of pay: Pay rates vary, and methods of payment can be a nuisance, particularly if you’re not expecting the type of pay or have to set up a third-party account to receive your money. These are usually minor hiccups, but the more you know at the start, the fewer problems and surprises later.

Work-at-Home Data Entry Jobs and Issues

There are additional considerations when you’re doing your search:

Workloads: Data entry can involve a lot of work. Some of these jobs, such as work on financial accounts or jobs with a lot of data input from transactions, have very high data loads.

Job value: The questions to consider include these:

  • Whether you’re getting a good return from the amount of work involved--The workload, relative to the amount of pay and time used, is a very relevant issue.
  • What the job can provide in terms of training and experience for higher-paying roles--This type of work can lead to much better jobs, if you’re working with industry standard databases and systems. Experienced data entry roles can also include higher paying promotional positions.
  • Reputable employers--Online job scams and problems must be avoided. It’s worth checking on principle, to see if there have been any complaints about the job, before deciding to apply.