Work at Home Freelance Editing Job Search Tips

Work-at-home freelance editing job searches are a matter of personal preference. They can also be a demanding type of job search, involving checking out a wide range of different jobs and types of job.

Part of the problem is that editors are, by definition, highly experienced people. Work-at-home freelance editing jobs require various levels of experience. Highly experienced people usually don’t want a job that looks like a step backwards. They’re overqualified for these jobs, and even if they apply for them, may not get them, simply because they are overqualified.

Work-at-Home Freelance Editing Job Search Online

Even a basic search can be a trial-and-error situation if you’re using generic search terms. Searching the word “editor” can provide you with only so many useful results. Most will definitely not be what you need. To get around the difficulties of searching for these jobs, the safest approach is the “technical” search. This involves using unique terms and descriptors that can apply only to the type of job you want.

For example:

  • Editor magazine
  • Editor academic
  • Editor (industry name)
  • Editor news

These are all simple search terms, and you can add qualifiers like industry jargon or common technical terms.

For work-at-home freelance editing jobs, you also have to look at the work-at-home factor. The best way around this issue is to use a term like “telecommuting” as part of your search. If you use “telecommuting + editor” you will find some jobs, even on a basic Google search.

Much better, however, are the specialist work-at-home job sites. A major US site, , is a sort of one stop shop for work at home freelance jobs, with tips and pointers about different work-at-home jobs, and job listings. This is the sort of site best suited to your needs, and it can also provide a lot of information about work-at-home jobs and issues.

Other Types of Work-at-Home Freelance Editing Job Searches

Employer sites and cold canvassing: Employer sites for editing jobs are definitely one of the stronger long-term options. These sites provide not only jobs but also information regarding market requirements for editing positions. Their job ads are like a working model of the employment market for editors. You will find that certain skills are much in demand, particularly in the online editing field and media content editing.

Editing roles often need to be filled on an ad hoc basis, or temporary help is required. Contract roles are fairly common in many areas of media, particularly in web content. As an experienced editor, you may be just the person the publisher needs. Check out the publisher’s website, and then ask to speak to a contact person or manager with a general inquiry about either one of the jobs or the hiring process.

Networking: In this field, networking can be a major job hunting asset. Professional contacts are potentially very valuable in terms of finding job opportunities. The publishing world is actually a pretty small world, and contacts can cover a large area of their sectors, particularly if they’ve been in the business for a while. These contacts are also good advisers on job quality and career options.